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Report a Laser Incident

report a laser incident on your mobile device

In cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, FAA needs everyone's help in reporting laser incidents. If you are the victim of a laser incident or you witness a laser incident, please report it to FAA. Here's how:

Pilots & Crewmembers

Per FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 70-2A, Reporting of laser illumination of aircraft, all pilots and crewmembers are requested to immediately report incidents of unauthorized laser illumination by radio to the appropriate ATC controlling facility.

Upon arrival at destination, all pilots and crewmembers affected by an unauthorized laser illumination are requested to complete the FAA Laser Beam Exposure Questionnaire in order to provide critical information in support of law enforcement efforts to identify and apprehend the responsible parties.

  • Complete the short version FAA Laser Beam Exposure Questionnaire on your mobile device. We will then email you the full questionnaire for you to complete and return with additional information.
  • - or -

  • You can download and complete the FAA Laser Beam Exposure Questionnaire (PDF) from your personal computer. Completed questionnaires can be saved and attached to an email to, or can be printed and faxed to the Washington Operations Control Center Complex (WOCC) — (202) 267-5289 Attn: Domestic Events Network (DEN)

Air Traffic Control

Submit laser incident information to the Domestic Events Network (DEN). For guidance, see AC 70-2A, Reporting of Laser Illumination of Aircraft.

The Public

If you're a member of the public who witnessed an individual aiming a laser at an aircraft, send an e-mail to and include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Date and time you witnessed the laser incident
  • Location and description of the incident

After the FAA has received your e-mail, FAA staff or the appropriate law enforcement agency may decide to contact you if additional information or clarification is needed.

Laser Safety Initiative

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