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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

What procedures must I follow to build a private-use airport?

The FAA does not have procedures for building a private-use airport, but you may follow the design standards for public-use airports as a general guideline.  You can find these standards in Advisory Circular (AC )150/5300-13, Airport Design. You can also find additional ACs that may be useful on our website.

You must notify us if you establish a new private use airport. Private-use airports must comply with 14 CFR Part 157, Notice of Construction, Alteration, Activation, and Deactivation. Part 157 applies if you are proposing to construct, alter, activate, or deactivate a civil or joint use (civil/military) airport or alter the status or use of the airport. To notify the FAA, complete FAA Form 7480-1, Notice of Landing Area Proposal,  and send it to your nearest FAA Airports office.

IMPORTANT: Even if you file a notice with the FAA, you must separately notify your state aviation agency and also comply with any local law, ordinance, or state and federal regulations.