Reexamination of A&P Certificate Holders

Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) Marty Simmons

The reexamination will cover the rating(s) the airman received from Marty Simmons. Airmen holding both A&P ratings will be reexamined for competency of both ratings at the same time. The reexamination will cover the certificate and/or rating(s) that the airman received based on tests administered by Marty Simmons. Certificates received based on tests administered from other than Marty Simmons are not subject to this reexamination. Airmen holding both ratings will be reexamined for competency of both ratings at the same time. The reexaminations will consist of oral tests. An airman may voluntarily surrender one rating for cancellation and show competence for another. An airman may not request reexamination of both ratings at different times. Additional information pertaining to the reexamination of mechanics who received certificates from Marty Simmons is available in FAA Notice 8900.273 (PDF)


To schedule a testing date, follow the information provided in the reexamination letter. Airmen who did not receive a letter and suspect they should have, or in the case of a lost or misplaced letter, must contact the Anchorage FSDO POC listed below. The airman may choose from available dates and times to schedule the reexamination. The airman must respond to the letter within 10 days of receipt to prevent immediate revocation action. Preferably, the reexamination should be scheduled to take place within 15 days, but must be completed no later than September 1, 2015.

People outside the United States

Both foreign airmen and airmen in the U.S. will share the same reexamination procedures. Foreign airmen will have to appear in the U.S. at their own expense, and will also be evaluated per the current edition of Advisory Circular (AC) 60-28, English Language Skill Standards as required by 14 CFR Parts 61, 63 and 65. Relief will be applied to those airmen requiring reexamination who are U.S. military and civilian personnel assigned outside the United States and its territories in support of U.S. armed forces operations. Relief will be offered per Special Federal Aviation Regulation 100-2, and includes the opportunity to complete reexamination within six calendar-months after returning to the United States.

Oral Tests

The test will be a complete oral test for each rating based on the tests administered by DME Simmons. The FAA Inspector will ask between four and 10 questions in each subject area. The airman must successfully answer 70 percent of the oral questions asked in each subject area to pass.

An airman will pass a subject area if he or she correctly answers:

  • At least 3 of 4 questions,
  • At least 5 of 7 questions, or
  • At least 7 of 10 questions.

Completion of the Test

After successfully completing the reexamination, the FAA will return the airman's certificate, if in the possession of the FAA, and will give the airman an official letter of successful completion of reexamination. If the airman's test performance is unsatisfactory, the airman may (1) voluntarily surrender the certificate for cancellation, or (2) put the certificate on deposit with the FAA and request one additional chance to retest. The retest must be completed within 45 days of initial failure. Under no circumstances will an airman have more than 2 chances to pass the reexamination.

Additional Information

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Last updated: Friday, July 15, 2022