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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

All Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs)

All Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs) are listed here to allow for easy search. They are arranged in descending order, with the newest SAFO at the top, the oldest at the bottom.

2022 SAFOs
Number Title
22003 (PDF) SAFO 22003, Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS II) Alerts at Denver International Airport (DEN)
22002 (PDF) SAFO 22002, Boeing’s Onboard Performance Tool (OPT) v4.70 for iOS Devices.
22001 (PDF) SAFO 22001, Recommended Procedures for Operators of Boeing DC-9/MD-80 Series and B717 Model Airplanes When Wind/Ground Gusts Meet or Exceed Criteria Specified in the Applicable Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM).
2021 SAFOs
Number Title
21007 (PDF) SAFO 21007, Risk of Potential Adverse Effects on Radio Altimeters when Operating in the Presence of 5G C-Band Interference
21006 (PDF) SAFO 21006, Boeing Model 757 and 767 Airplane Inadvertent Pilot Activation of Go-Around Mode.
21005 (PDF) SAFO 21005, Risks Associated with Visual Approaches.
21004 (PDF) SAFO 21004, Air Traffic Control (ATC) Notification and Pilot Awareness When Conducting an Instrument Landing System (ILS) Autoland Procedure.
21003 (PDF) SAFO 21003, Inspection of Lavatory Fire Extinguishing Bottles on Aircraft Parked or Stored for a Prolonged Period of Time in a High-Temperature Environment.
21002 (PDF) SAFO 21002, Fraudulent or Intentionally False Reproduction and/or Alteration of a Genuine Certificate of Flammability Test.
21001 (PDF) SAFO 21001, The Improper Maintenance and/or Installation of F&M Enterprises, Inc., and Stratus Tool Technologies, LLC, Oil Filter Adapters.
2020 SAFOs
Number Title
20017 (PDF) SAFO 20017, Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccines Requiring Large Quantities of Dry Ice
20016 (PDF) SAFO 20016, Saircorp / Flight Boss Ltd. (Saircorp) Consoles
20015 (PDF) SAFO 20015, Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 Airplanes: Return to Service
20014 (PDF) SAFO 20014, Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 Airplanes: Pilot Training and Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD) Updates
20013 (PDF) SAFO 20013, Right-Hand Control Wheel Removal for Skydiving Operations
20012 (PDF) SAFO 20012, Continuation of Air Carrier and Other Operations in Terminal Airspace when an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Facility with Responsibility for That Controlled Airspace Closes Unexpectedly
20011 (PDF) SAFO 20011, Operations in Oceanic Airspace during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
20010 (PDF) SAFO 20010, Fraudulent Documentation and Possible Improper Maintenance on Accessories/Articles by a Previous Employee of Aviatronics, LLC, Miami Lakes, Florida
20009 For information on COVID-19, please see the CDC’s Website
20008 (PDF) SAFO 20008, Transporting Cargo on Transport-Category Airplanes Configured to Carry Passengers.
20007 (PDF) SAFO 20007, Damage to or Loose Installation of the AmSafe, Inc. Airbag System’s Electronic Module Assembly (EMA).
20006 (PDF) SAFO 20006, Vacuum-Type Fall-Arrest Protection Systems and Paint Peeling Issues on Boeing model 787 Airplanes
20005 (PDF) SAFO 20005, Temporary Parking of Overflow Aircraft
20004 (PDF) SAFO 20004, Best Practices for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 137 Agricultural Aircraft Operations
20003 SAFO 20003 has been cancelled
20002 (PDF) SAFO 20002, Pratt & Whitney Canada Model PT6A Engines
20001 SAFO 20001 has been cancelled
2019 SAFOs
Number Title
19006 (PDF) SAFO 19006, Crash Resistant Fuel System (CRFS) Safety Standards.
19005 (PDF) SAFO 19005, Possible Improper Maintenance by Repair Station Xtra Aerospace, LLC.
19004 (PDF) SAFO 19004, Improper Overhaul Performed on Aircraft Accessories/Articles by Tandem Aviation, Inc., Hialeah, Florida.
19003 (PDF) SAFO 19003, Turbojet Braking Performance on Wet Runways.
19002 (PDF) SAFO 19002, Improper Overhaul and Repair of McCauley Constant Speed Propellers by Sensenich Propeller Services, Inc., North Windham, Connecticut.
19001 (PDF) SAFO 19001, Landing Performance Assessments at Time of Arrival
2018 SAFOs
Number Title
18015 (PDF) SAFO 18015, Jet Fuel Contaminated with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
18014 (PDF) SAFO 18014, Identification and Manipulation of Circuit Breakers During Abnormal or Emergency Situations.
18013 (PDF) SAFO 18013, Updated Rotorcraft External Load Attaching Means and Quick Release Devices for Human External Cargo (HEC).
18012 (PDF) SAFO 18012, Weight and Balance Calculations for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 Certificate Holders
18011 (PDF) SAFO 18011, Fluorescent Luminaire Cabin Light Fixtures
18010 (PDF) SAFO 18010, Procedures for Avoiding Obstacles Lighted with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Obstruction Lights While Utilizing Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
18009 (PDF) SAFO 18009, Risk of Runway Number Transposition Leading to a possible "Runway Overrun" During Takeoff at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
18008 (PDF) SAFO 18008, Improper Overhaul and Repair of Aeronautical Anti-friction Bearings by Kornitzky Group LLC, doing business as AeroBearings LLC of Arlington, Texas
18007 (PDF) SAFO 18007, North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA) Tracks at ½ Degree Latitude Separation, Resulting in Identical Avionics Waypoint Labels for Different Points 30 Nautical Miles (NM) Apart
18006 (PDF) SAFO 18006, Improper Maintenance Performed on Aircraft Accessories/Articles by Southern Atlanta Aerospace, LLC.
18005 (PDF) SAFO 18005, Improper Maintenance Performed on Aircraft Accessories/Articles by Aviation Technologies
18004 (PDF) SAFO 18004, Rotorcraft External Load Attaching Means and Quick Release Devices for Human External Cargo (HEC)
18003 (PDF) SAFO 18003, Procedures for Addressing Odors, Smoke and/or Fumes In-Flight
18002 (PDF) SAFO 18002, Improper Overhaul Performed on Aircraft Accessories/Articles by Aircraft Technical Support, Inc. (ATS) Repair Station
18001 (PDF) SAFO 18001, Textron King Air 90-Series Airplane Boost Pump Failure and CROSSFEED Operational Information
2017 SAFOs
Number Title
17013 (PDF) SAFO 17013, Rockwell Collins Flight Management Systems Pro Line 4 and Pro Line 21 Navigation Databases
17012 (PDF) SAFO 17012, High Collision Risk During Runway Crossing
17011 (PDF) SAFO 17011, Runway Status Lights (RWSL)
17010 (PDF) SAFO 17010, Incorrect Airport Surface Approaches and Landings
17009 (PDF) SAFO 17009, Airman Certification Standards (ACS): Slow Flight and Stalls
17008 (PDF) SAFO 17008, Attitude Indicator Pitch Indication Limitations
17007 (PDF) SAFO 17007, Manual Flight Operations Proficiency
17006 (PDF) SAFO 17006, Safety Concerns with Using Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) or Personally Developed Checklists
17005 (PDF) SAFO 17005, Improper Maintenance Performed on Aircraft Accessories/Articles by Thunder Airmotive, Inc. (Thunder)
17004 (PDF) SAFO 17004, Cargo Retention Methods Using Pallets Straps
17003 (PDF) SAFO 17003, Non-compliance with a Manufacturer's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved Aircraft Weight and Balance Manual (WBM)
17002 (PDF) SAFO 17002, Improper Transponder and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) OUT Equipment Testing
17001 (PDF) SAFO 17001, Pilot and Flightcrew Awareness of Class B Airspace Boundaries
2016 SAFOs
Number Title
16016 (PDF) SAFO 16016, Helicopter Stabilized Hover Checks Before Departure
16015 (PDF) SAFO 16015, Possibility of D-ring Reversal or Dynamic Rollout During Winching and Longline Operations
16014 (PDF) SAFO 16014, Accuracy of Time Estimates in Oceanic Control Areas (CTA) Position Reports
16013 (PDF) SAFO 16013, Fuel Caps Separating from Aircraft
16012 (PDF) SAFO 16012, Lithium Ion Battery Shipments from Braille Battery, Inc.
16011 (PDF) SAFO 16011, Air Transport Restrictions for Recalled Lithium Batteries and Lithium Battery Powered Devices
16010 SAFO 16010, Maneuvering During Slow Flight in an Airplane (Cancelled)
16009 (PDF) SAFO 16009, Runway Assessment and Condition Reporting, Effective October 1, 2016
16008 (PDF) SAFO 16008, Reducing the Risk of Runway Excursions During Takeoff
16007 (PDF) SAFO 16007, Cargo Restraint Strap Assemblies
16006 (PDF) SAFO 16006, Restricted Category, Bell Helicopter UH-1 Series, Helicopter Hydraulic Switch
16005 (PDF) SAFO 16005, Bombardier Canadair Regional Jets CRJ CL 600-2B19 (200), CL 600-2C10 (700) & CL 600-2D24 (900) Forward Flight Attendant (F/A) Overhead Supplemental Oxygen
16004 (PDF) SAFO 16004, New International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Regulatory Requirements for Shipping and Transporting Lithium Batteries
16003 (PDF) SAFO 16003, Requirement to use Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accepted Checklists for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA), Inc. MU-2B Series Airplanes
16002 SAFO 16002, Improperly Repaired Cessna 206 and 207 Aircraft Engine Induction Air Boxes (Cancelled)
16001 (PDF) SAFO 16001, Risks of Fire or Explosion when Transporting Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal Batteries as Cargo on Passenger and Cargo Aircraft
2015 SAFOs
Number Title
15011 (PDF) SAFO 15011, Roles and Responsibilities for Pilot Flying (PF) and Pilot Monitoring (PM)
15010 (PDF) SAFO 15010, Carriage of Spare Lithium Batteries in Carry-on and Checked Baggage
15009 Cancelled & replaced by SAFO 19003
15008 (PDF) SAFO 15008, Serviceability of V2500 Fan Blades Issued an FAA Form 8130-3 Indicating Blade Overhaul
15007 (PDF) SAFO 15007, Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-14B Flyweight Hardware Failures
15006 (PDF) SAFO 15006, Transponder Use by Aircraft On Airport Movement Areas
15005 (PDF) SAFO 15005, Improperly Installed, Repaired or Overhauled Propeller Control Units (PCU)
15004 (PDF) SAFO 15004, Scenario-Based Go-Around Training
15003 (PDF) SAFO 15003, Fire Risk of Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in Checked Baggage
15002 (PDF) SAFO 15002, Aircraft Banner Tow Operations in the Vicinity of Parasail Operations
15001 (PDF) SAFO 15001, Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 121 Air Carrier Operations on Restricted Runways
2014 SAFOs
Number Title
14007 (PDF) SAFO 14007, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Wake Turbulence Re-Categorization (RECAT) Updates
14006 (PDF) SAFO 14006, Use of Tie Wraps and/or Collars on Circuit Breakers
14005 (PDF) SAFO 14005, Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 121 Operators Flap Misconfiguration Events
14004 (PDF) SAFO 14004, Temporary Loss of Heading and Attitude Display on Garmin-Equipped Installations.
14003 (PDF) SAFO 14003, Emergency Airworthiness Directive (EAD) on Basik Air Concept Parachutes.
14002 (PDF) SAFO 14002, Global Positioning System (GPS)/Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Navigator/Autopilot Compatibility.
14001 (PDF) Cessna Citation CE-500 Type Aircraft Aileron Trim Systems.
2013 SAFOs
Number Title
13010 (PDF) Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 133 and Spinning Loads.
13009 (PDF) Propeller Control Unit and Adapters Repaired/Overhauled by Pacific Propeller International, LLC from September 2010 to September 2013.
13008 (PDF) Part 121 Air Carriers Performing Special Cargo Loads Operations for uploading
13007 (PDF) Using Runways as Taxiways for uploading
13006 (PDF) Chaffing, Arcing, and Burning Damage to Boeing 737-100/200/300/400/500 Series Aircraft Flight Deck Overhead Wiring-Ducting
13005 (PDF) Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 121Air Carriers Transporting Heavy Vehicle Special Cargo Loads
13004 (PDF) Large Height Deviations (LHD) in Oceanic Airspace
13003 (PDF) Potential Safety Issue with Canopy Separation on the Aero Vodochody L-39 Airplane
13002 (PDF) Manual Flight Operations
13001 (PDF) Safety Hazard Concerning Bursting Coffee Filter Packages
2012 SAFOs
Number Title
12007 (PDF) Recategorization (RECAT) of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Wake Turbulence Separation Categories at Memphis International Airport (MEM)
12006 (PDF) Possible Latch Failure on B/E Aerospace 64B Galleys of Boeing 737 Airplanes
12005 (PDF) Aircraft Approach Category as defined under Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter I, Subchapter F, Part 97, Subpart A., § 97.3
12004 (PDF) Damage to Airbus A-330 Series Aircraft-Structure Due to Cargo Door "Slamming" Action
12003 (PDF) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 135 Certificate Holders and Part 91K Program Managers
12002 (PDF) Painted-over Ball-lock Release Pins on Over-wing Escape Slide Doors
SAFO 12001 This SAFO has been cancelled
2011 SAFOs
Number Title
11011SUP (PDF) Sup: Runway Excursions at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)
11011 (PDF) Runway Excursions at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)
11010 (PDF) TCAS II Guidance and Training for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 135 and Part 125 Certificate Holders, Part 125 Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) holders (125M), Part 91 Subpart K, (91K) Program Managers, Part 91 Operators and Part 142 Training Centers.
11009 (PDF) Runway Status Lights (RWSL), for posting on the FAA public website for SAFOs.
11008 (PDF) Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) Safety Advisory Notice AO-2011-016-SAN-001 regarding hydraulic-boost servos on hydraulic system-equipped Robinson R44 helicopters
11007 (PDF) Preflight Communication and Checks after a Cabin Decompression Event
11006 (PDF) Heading Deviations in Bombardier Canadair Regional Jets (CRJ) caused by Surface Magnetic Anomalies
11005 (PDF) Laundering of Scrapped Jet Engine Parts
11004 (PDF) Runway Incursion Prevention Actions
11003 (PDF) Embraer ERJ-190 Series Thrust Reverser Cowling Safety
11002 (PDF) Beechcraft Duke (BE-60) Flap Preflight Check
11001 (PDF) The Importance of Properly Inflated Aircraft Tires
2010 SAFOs
Number Title
10022 (PDF) Maintenance of Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)
10021 (PDF) Adverse Levels of Porous Coke for All Engine and Oil Combinations
10020 (PDF) 14 CFR, parts 91, 133, and 137 and hot fueling/loading
10019 Boeing Airplane Models 757 and 767 Hydraulic Motor Generator (HMG) Test Procedure (Canceled by AFS-300)
10018 (PDF) Powder Coating of Aircraft Wing Struts
10017 (PDF) Risks in Transporting Lithium Batteries in Cargo by Aircraft
10016 (PDF) Missing or Improper Seat Stops in Cessna Model
10015 (PDF) Flying in the Wire Environment
10014 Airworthiness Concerns for Work Accomplished by U.S. Aircraft Instruments (Cancelled by AFS-300)
10013 (PDF) Misidentification of TCM/Bendix D-2000/D-2200 dual magnetos
10012 (PDF) Possible Misinterpretation of the Practical Test Standards (PTS) Language "Minimal Loss of Altitude"
10011 (PDF) MD-11 Honeywell Pegasus Flight Management Computer (FMC) Controlled Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) Anomalies
10010 (PDF) Magnetic Heading Disturbances Emanating During Ground Operations
10009 (PDF) Safety Management System (SMS) Principals, Training and Pilot Skill Level Tracking
10009 SUP (PDF) Safety Management Systems
10008 (PDF) Ground Operations During the Hours of Darkness at Uncontrolled Airports
10007 (PDF) Tundra Tire Installation/Approval for Airplanes Equipped with Leaf Spring Type Main Landing Gear
10006 (PDF) In-Flight Icing Operations and Training Recommendations
10005 (PDF) Go-Around Callout and Immediate Response
10004 (PDF) Contaminated Halon Fire Extinguishers
10003 Rockwell/Collins Model TDR-94D Transponder Re-Wiring for Bombardier CRJs (Cancelled by AFS-300)
10002 Compliance with European Mode S requirements (Cancelled by AFS-300)
10001 (PDF) Possible effects of Thickened Anti-icing Fluids on Takeoff Rotation for Airplanes with Unpowered Elevator Controls
2009 SAFOs
Number Title
09018 (PDF) Passenger/Crew DC Power Outlet installations
09017 (PDF) Training for Bombardier Learjet 60 (Learjet 60) Pilots on Inadvertent Thrust Reverser Stowage on Takeoff and Landing
09016 (PDF) Rejected Landing Due to Loss of Visibility
09015 (PDF) Training For Maximum Performance Landings on Contaminated Runways
09014 (PDF) Concepts for Fatigue Countermeasures in Part 121 and 135 Short-Haul Operations
09013 (PDF) Fighting Fires Caused By Lithium Type Batteries in Portable Electronic Devices
09012 (PDF) Dangers of Improperly Inflated Tires
09011 (PDF) Parts 121 and 135 Operators Using Constant Angle of Descents Techniques for Nonprecision Approaches
09010 (PDF) Reversed Installation of Flight Control Components
09009 (PDF) Swine Flu Information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
09008 (PDF) Proper Identification and Procedures During In-Flight Engine Failures
09007 (PDF) Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Advisory Pertaining to Certain Red Color Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
09005 Canceled by AFS-800
09004 (PDF) Operational Considerations for Airport Winter Operations
09003 (PDF) SAFO 09003, Cellular Phone Usage on the Flight Deck
09002 (PDF) In-flight slippage of pilot and co-pilot seats on Cessna models 303, 336 and 337; and all legacy (pre-1986) single-engine Cessna models 150, 152, 170, 172, 175, 177, 180, 182, 185, 188, 190, 195, 205, 206, 207 and 210
09001 (PDF) Effects of Aircraft Electrical Faults Resulting in Main Battery Depletion
2008 SAFOs
Number Title
08024 (PDF) Review of Flight Data Recorder Data from Non-revenue Flights
08023 (PDF) Fuel Crossfeed and Fuel Exhaustion in the Convair 580
08022 Superseded by SAIB CE-09-45
08021 (PDF) Importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as Evidenced by a Take off Configuration Hazard in Boeing DC-9 series, MD-80 series, MD-90, and B-717 Airplanes.
08020 (PDF) The loss of flight displays and aircraft systems following partial electrical power failure on A320 series airplanes
08019 (PDF) Magnetic Variation Errors with Pegasus FMC on B-717, MD-10, and MD-11
08018 (PDF) Fire Handle Characteristics, DC-9, MD-80 and MD-90 Airplanes
08017 (PDF) Embraer ERJ-170/190 — Unintended Deployment of the Emergency Evacuation Escape Slide
08016 (PDF) Boeing 737 (B-737) Cabin Altitude Warning Horn Confusion
08015 (PDF) Preflight check of helicopter hydraulic systems to include validation of control movement smoothness and identification of adverse flight control “stick-jump”
08014 (PDF) Boeing 777 Extended Operations (ETOPS) Restrictions due to Cargo Fire Suppression System Shortfall
08013 (PDF) Safety Recommendation Concerning Piper PA-23 and PA-31 Series Nose Baggage Doors
08012 (PDF) Aircraft Taxi Operations During Snow and Ice Conditions
08010 (PDF) Accomplishing safety-related functions in Part 135 operations
08009 (PDF) Possible separation from aircraft of Air Conditioning Ground Service Connection Cover, Bombardier Aerospace Canada Regional Jet, CRJ-200 (CL-600-2B191)
SAFO08008 SAFO 08008 Suspended. To be revised.
08007 (PDF) Hazard Present on Airplanes Pressurized by an A/C Cart During Ground Operations
08006 (PDF) 14 CFR Parts 91 and 135, Flight Into Known or Forecast Severe Icing Conditions
08005 (PDF) Preflight of helicopter hydraulic systems to include validation of control movement smoothness and identification of adverse flight control “stick-jump.”
08004 (PDF) Visibility and accessibility of seatbelts for Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 135 certificate holders.
08003 (PDF) Guidance Material for Contaminated Runway Landing Operations.
08002 (PDF) Recommended Use of Cockpit Voice Recorder During Ground Operations.
08001 (PDF) Air Carrier Operation
2007 SAFOs
Number Title
07009 (PDF) Cessna CE-208 and CE-208B Specific Pilot Training Requirements for Flight Into Icing Conditions
07008 Cancelled
07007 (PDF) Thrust Lever Position during Landing with One Deactivated Thrust Reverser on Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321 Series Airplanes
07006 (PDF) Safety During Positioning Flights
07005 (PDF) Embraer Legacy/EMB-135, -140, -145—Be Careful Where You Put Your Foot
07004 Cancelled
07003 (PDF) Confirming the Takeoff Runway
07002 Superseded by InFO 07016
07001 (PDF) VHF Navigation Antenna Failures
2006 SAFOs
Number Title
06021 (PDF) Functional Test of the Helicopter Hydraulic System before Flight
06020 (PDF) Helicopter Pre-takeoff Checks
06019 (PDF) Functional Test of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Prior to the First Flight of the Day
06018 (PDF) Notification of Available ADS-B Services to Commercial Operators
06017 (PDF) Equipment Training and Checking for Helicopter Operators on the SPZ-7000 or SPZ-7600 Dual Digital Automatic Flight Control Systems
06016 (PDF) In-Flight Icing, Turbo Propeller Powered Airplanes
06015 (PDF) Remedial Training for Part 121 Pilots
06014 (PDF) Polished Frost
06013 (PDF) Flight crew techniques and procedures that enhance pre-takeoff and takeoff safety
06012 Superseded by SAFO 19001
06011 Superseded by SAFO 08023
06010 (PDF) Preventing accidents following rejected takeoff (RTO): Pilot Guide
06009 (PDF) Atlanta airport (ATL) runway 10-28, potential hazard
06008 (PDF) Fire hazard with flameless ration heaters (a.k.a. meals, ready-to-eat (MRE))
06007 (PDF) MRI interference with compasses and slaved gyros at hospital helipads
06006 (PDF) Loss of air data sensors on the Boeing 717 in heavy rain or icing
06005 Cancelled
06004 (PDF) Approach and landing accident reduction: Sterile cockpit, fatigue
06003 Superseded by InFO 07013
Flotation equipment for inlap children
06002 (PDF) Ground deicing practices for turbine aircraft in nonscheduled 14 CFR Part 135 operations and in Part 91
06001 This SAFO has been cancelled
2005 SAFOs
Number Title
05008 Superseded by SAFO 07002
05007 (PDF) Announcing AC 120-88, Preventing Injuries Caused by Turbulence
05006 (PDF) Avian influenza (a.k.a., avian flu, bird flu) current information for crewmembers
05005 (PDF) Bell 407 with Rolls Royce 250 series IV engine and FADEC
05004 (PDF) Portable oxygen for flight attendants must be connected by November 28, 2005
05003 (PDF) Flight attendant certification, notification by fax (405-954-4105)
05002 (PDF) Multiple full deflection, alternating flight control inputs
05001 (PDF) Introducing SAFOs

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