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Super Bowl LV

Tampa, Florida

February 3–9, 2021

A reservation program to facilitate ground services at the Tampa Bay area airports will be in effect. Pilots should contact the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at their airport to obtain reservations and additional information.

Special Air Traffic Procedures

Special air traffic procedures to minimize air traffic delays and enhance safety are in effect for the following airports:

Special Air Traffic Procedures
Airport Location Identifier
Tampa International Tampa, FL TPA
St. Pete-Clearwater International Clearwater, FL PIE
Lakeland Linder International Lakeland, FL LAL
Sarasota-Bradenton International Sarasota, FL SRQ
Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Brooksville, FL BKV
Tampa Executive Tampa, FL VDF
Clearwater Air Park Clearwater, FL CLW
Pilot Country Spring Hill, FL X05
Albert Whitted St. Petersburg, FL SPG
Zephyrhills Municipal Zephyrhills, FL ZPH
Peter O Knight Tampa, FL TPF
Tampa North Aero Park Tampa, FL X39
Plant City Plant City, FL PCM
Bartow Executive Bartow, FL BOW
Winter Haven Regional Winter Haven, FL GIF
South Lakeland Mulberry, FL X49
Venice Municipal Venice, FL VNC

Security Provisions

Special security provisions are in effect for this event including (but not limited to) Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR), two-way communication and discrete transponder requirements. Specific procedures contained in this NOTAM may be revised or unavailable at the time of the event and access to some airports may be restricted. Pilots are encouraged to check NOTAMs frequently to verify they have the most current information.

Pilots should be prepared to provide documentation including personal identification, certificate number, aircraft ownership information, and a contact number.

TFR information is published by FDC NOTAM, normally 3 to 5 days prior to the event. TFR NOTAMs and graphics are available at the FAA TFR website.

Traffic Management

During periods of heavy demand, pilots should anticipate Traffic Management initiatives including but not limited to, reroute, miles-in-trail, altitude restriction, ground stop, and ground delay programs.

When a Ground Delay Program (GDP) is in effect, aircraft must depart within 5 minutes of their assigned Expect Departure Clearance Time (EDCT). If unable, pilots must advise ATC and request a new EDCT assignment.

Traffic management initiatives are designed to provide equitable access to airports and airspace. To maintain program integrity and minimize delays, airborne changes of destination to area airports will not be accepted, except in emergencies.

Flight Plans

File flight plans at least 6 hours, but not more than 22 hours, prior to proposed time of departure. This is required to ensure Traffic Management Initiatives reflect authentic demand. Should TMI be necessary, filing early may minimize your assigned delay. Duplicate flight plans (same time/call sign) to the same airport or multiple airport destinations are subject to removal from the system and may result in increased delays.

Air Files/IFR Pick-Ups

Air files and IFR pick-ups from airborne flights to/from airports listed in this NOTAM will not be accepted, except in emergencies.

Training Flights

Training flights and student solo cross-country flights are highly discouraged in the Central Florida/Tampa metro area (within 60NM of TPA). Practice approaches, touch-and-go landings, and other training operations may be limited or suspended.

Airport Parking Reservations

A reservation program to facilitate ground services will be in effect at participating Central Florida airports. Reservations are administered by local Fixed Base Operators (FBO). Contact the FBO at your destination for reservations and additional information.

All pilots/operators are strongly encouraged to contact the FBO prior to departure to ensure availability for both overnight parking and passenger pickup/drop-off.

Airport Status Information

Real time flight delay, airport status, and program information is available at

Airport Traffic Control Tower

Hours of Operation
TPA 24 Hours a day
PIE 0600–2300 EST / 10000300 UTC
LAL 24 Hours a day
SRQ 06002400 Amended/extended hours (PDF)
BKV 07002200 EST / 11000200 UTC
VDF No control tower
CLW No control tower
X05 No control tower
SPG 07002100 EST / 11000100 UTC
ZPH No control tower
TPF No control tower
X39 No control tower
PCM No control tower
BOW 07301730 EST / 11302130 UTC
GIF No control tower
X49 No control tower
VNC No control tower

Note: Check current NOTAMs for possible changes to the hours of operation.

VFR Arrivals & Potential Holding

VFR arrivals may expect lengthy delays and potential holding during peak traffic periods. VFR advisory service within the Tampa TRACON, Miami Center (ZMA) and Jacksonville Center (ZJX) will be on a workload-permitting basis.

Preferred IFR Arrival Routes

Preferred IFR Departure Routes

Any overflight transiting TPA approach may not file V7. Send all arrival/departure route questions by email to:

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