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Draft AC Number Title Posted Deadline for Comments
150/5300-13A (PDF, 10.15 MB) Draft Change X to AC 150/5300-13A, Airport Design
The draft Airport Design Change X contains improvements primarily to Chapter 4, Taxiway Design. It revises the fillet geometry with slight expansion on the taxiway fillet information including adjustments to the Taxiway Design Groups (TDG) limits. It also includes a new Appendix 8 -Taxiway Fillet Design (Rationale). We chose to expand on guidance to fillet design for existing taxiway-to-taxiway and taxiway-to-runway separation. In addition, an updated Approach Runway and Departure Runway Design Codes replaces current Runway Reference Code (RRC) in Chapter 3.
7/29/2013 8/19/2013
150/5070-6B (PDF, 410 KB) Draft Change 2 to AC 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans
Draft Change 2 incorporates additional guidance on passenger convenience, ground access, and access to airport facilities, as identified in Section 131 of Public Law 112-95, “FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.” Also included are limited editorial and text revisions since the release of Change 1 to this AC in 2007. The primary revisions are contained in Chapter 8 and Appendix B of this AC. A complete update to this AC is currently in process.
6/20/2013 7/22/2013
150/5300-18B (PDF, 10.32 MB) Draft Change 1 to AC 150/5300-18B, General Guidance and Specifications for Submission of Aeronautical Surveys to NGS: Field Data Collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) Standards
This change incorporates updated airport data collection standards and deletes outdated information. These changes clarify airport data collection and ongoing Airports GIS and other system enhancements.
7/29/2013 8/19/2013
150/5070-7 (PDF, 2.44 MB) Draft Change 1 to AC 150/5070-7, The Airport System Planning Process
Change 1 addresses recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to enhance FAA review of airport system planning studies. It also incorporates minor edits to correct technical information since the previous publication.
7/21/2014 8/20/2014
150/5380-6C (PDF, 832 KB) Draft AC 150/5380-6C, Guidelines and Procedures for Maintenance of Airport Pavements
This AC provides guidelines and procedures for maintaining airport pavements.
7/31/2014 8/22/2014
150/5345-10H (PDF, 650 KB) Draft AC 150/5345-10H, Specification for Constant Current Regulators and Regulator Monitors
This AC contains a specification for constant current regulators (CCR) and a monitor for use with airport lighting circuits. This revision adds a requirement for CCR response to short duration zero AC input voltage glitches.
5/06/2014 6/05/2014
150/5340-1L (PDF, 12.90 MB) Draft AC 150/5340-1L, Standards for Airport Markings
This AC contains the FAA standards for markings used on airport runways, taxiways, and aprons.
7/29/2013 8/16/2013
150/5325-4C (PDF, 1.45 MB) Draft AC 150/5325-4C, Runway Length Recommendations for Airport Design
This AC is intended to determine recommended runway lengths for new runways or extensions to existing runways. This draft revision makes the following changes: Recommends using manufacturers' airport planning manuals to determine basic recommended runway lengths for all large (over 12,500 lbs. maximum takeoff weight) airplanes and jets. Removes the separate weight category of large airplanes less than 60, 000 lbs. and now recommends using manufacturers' airport planning manuals. Determines the runway length curves in this AC are not accurate for light jets and now recommends using manufacturers' airport planning manuals. Determines, based on small aircraft manufacturers' feedback, the runway length curves in this AC are not accurate for all small airplanes at higher temperatures and at higher elevations and instead recommends contacting airplane manufacturers if the fleet mix at the airport is known. Notes that this AC provides guidance to determine runway lengths for planning purposes, but airlines may justify additional runway length requirements.
8/05/2013 8/23/2013
150/5220-20A (PDF, 2.16 MB) Draft AC 150/5220-20A, Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment
This advisory circular provides guidance to assist airport operators in the procurement of snow and ice control equipment for airport use.
4/28/2014 7/01/2014
150/5210-20A (PDF, 544 KB) Draft AC 150/5210-20A, Ground Vehicle Operations and Mechanic Taxiing or Towing an Aircraft on Airports
This draft advisory circular provides guidance to airport operators on developing training programs for safe ground vehicle operations, mechanic taxiing or towing an aircraft, and pedestrian control on the airside of an airport. This revision addresses aircraft being taxied by persons other than certificated pilots, adds a definition for Airport Operations Area, revises the definition of Non-Movement Area, replaces the term "apron" with "ramp", adds a definition for Vechicle or Pedestrian Deviation, and makes formatting and editorial corrections throughout the document.
3/07/2014 4/18/2014
150/5100-14E (PDF, 1 MB) Draft AC 150/5100-14E, Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects
This AC provides guidance for airport sponsors in the selection and engagement of architectural, engineering, and planning consultants. It also discusses services that normally would be included in an airport grant project, types of contracts for these services, contract format and provisions, and guidelines for determining the reasonableness of consultant fees.
6/06/2014 7/11/2014
11 results