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23.1309-1E - System Safety Analysis and Assessment for Part 23 Airplanes

Date Issued
November 17, 2011
Responsible Office
ACE-100,  Small Airplane Directorate

This advisory circular (AC) sets forth an acceptable means of showing compliance with Title 14 of the Code .of Federal Regulations (14 CFR), § 23.1309, through Amendment 23-6.2: for equipment, systems, and installations in 14 CFR part 23 airplanes.  This AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. It is issued for guidance purposes and to outline a method of compliance with the rules. An applicant may elect to follow an alternate method, provided the FAA finds it to be an acceptable means of complying with the applicable requirements of 14 CFR. However, if the applicant uses the means described in the AC, they must follow it in all important respects.