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121-22C - Maintenance Review Boards, Maintenance Type Boards, and OEM/TCH Recommended Maintenance Procedures

Date Issued
August 27, 2012
Responsible Office

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidelines that industry may use to develop and revise the minimum scheduled tasking/interval requirements for derivative or newly type-certificated (TC) aircraft and powerplants for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval. This AC refers to these minimum scheduled tasking/interval requirements as the Maintenance Review Board Report (MRBR), the Maintenance Type Board Report (MTBR), or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/type-certificate holder’s (TCH) Recommended Maintenance Procedures.  After FAA approval, the requirements become a basis upon which operators develop their own individual maintenance programs. The report will become a dynamic report for each TCH.

Use this AC to standardize the development, implementation, and update of FAA-approved minimum scheduled maintenance/inspection requirements.