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150/5360-13 - Planning and Design Guidelines for Airport Terminal Facilities

Date Issued
April 22, 1988
Responsible Office
APP-400,  Office of Airport Planning & Programming, Planning & Environmental Division

Provides guidelines for the planning and design of airport terminal buildings and related access facilities. Consolidated file includes Change 1.

Note: Portions of this AC are under review for update. Please contact the National Planning and Environmental Division for assistance.

Because of the size of the document, it is available as one large file (see Complete) or as several smaller files (Part 1-4).

Number Title Date
150/5360-11 Energy Conservation for Airport Buildings
Provides guidance on promoting energy conservation in the design and operation of airport buildings, for initiating energy conservation programs, and for conducting airport building energy assessments.
Related Drafts
Number Title Date
150/5360-13A Draft AC 150/5360-13A, Airport Terminal Planning and Design

This Draft AC  provides updated guidance on the process of planning and designing airport terminal facilities.  It reflects the many changes that have occurred in the aviation industry and to planning and design practices for airport terminal facilities.

When published, AC 150/5360-13A will cancel both AC 150/5360-13, dated April 22, 1988, and AC 150/5360-9, Planning and Design Guidelines for Airport Terminal Facilities at Non-hub Locations, dated April 4, 1980.