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25.795-1A - FlightDeck Intrusion Resistance

Date Issued
October 24, 2008
Responsible Office
ANM-100,  Aircraft Certification Service, Transport Airplane Directorate
This advisory circular (AC) sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, of demonstrating compliance with the provisions of the airworthiness standards for transport category airplanes related to the airplane design for flightdeck (also referred to as the pilot compartment or cockpit) intrusion resistance. Intrusion resistance, in the context of this AC, refers to the ability to resist forced entry by a person who is not authorized by the pilot in command to enter the flightdeck. Intrusion resistance also includes the ability to resist attempts to enter the flightdeck through use of simple tools, such as pocket knives, nail files, or keys.
Number Title Date
25.795-1 Flightdeck Intrusion Resistance 01/10/2002