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Number Office Title Date
20-14 AFS-120 Aircraft Airworthiness; Restricted Category: Certification of Aircraft with Uncertificated Engines or Engines to which Major Alterations have been made (Cancelled) 10-25-1963
29-1 ASW-110 Approval Basis for Automatic Stabilization Equipment (ASE) Installation in Rotorcraft (Cancelled)

Gives means for compliance with flight requirements in various CAR’s. Change 2, Transmits revised information about the time delay of automatic stabilization equipment.

Date Cancelled: 08-23-2013
150/5070-3 APP-400 Planning the Airport Industrial Park (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-15-2009 09-30-1965
25-4 ANM-100 Inertial Navigation System (INS) (Cancelled)

Sets forth an acceptable means for complying with rules governing the installation of inertial navigation systems in transport category aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 05-08-2012
20-18A ANE-100 Qualification Testing of Turbo-jet Engine Thrust Reversers (Cancelled)

Discusses the requirements for the qualification of thrust reversers and sets forth an acceptable means of compliance with the tests prescribed in Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 33, then run under nonstandard ambient air conditions.

Date Cancelled: 07-07-2015
33-2 ANE-110 Aircraft Engine Type Certification Handbook (Cancelled) Contains guidance relating to type certification of aircraft engines which will constitute acceptable means, although not the sole means, of compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations. Date Cancelled: 06-05-1972
Cancelled By: 33-2A
91-16 AFS-820 Category II Operations - General Aviation Airplanes (Cancelled)

Sets forth acceptable means by which Category II operations may be approved in accordance with FAR Parts 23, 25, 61, 91, 97, and 135.

Date Cancelled: 05-21-2015
20-52 AFS-310 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Douglas DC 6/7 Series Aircraft (Cancelled)

Describes maintenance inspection notes which can be used for the maintenance support of certain structural parts of DC-6/7 series aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
90-34 AFS-840 Accidents Resulting from Wheelbarrowing in Tricycle Gear Equipped Aircraft (Cancelled)

Explains “wheel barrowing”, the circumstances under which it is likely to occur, and recommended corrective action.

Date Cancelled: 05-21-2015
00-24 AFS-400 Thunderstorms (Cancelled) Describes the hazards of thunderstorms to aviation and offers guidance to help prevent accidents caused by thunderstorms. Date Cancelled: 06-23-1978
Cancelled By: 00-24A
25.1329-1A ANM-110A Automatic Pilot Systems Approval (Cancelled) Describes acceptable means for showing compliance with certain requirements of Title 14, CFR, of FAR 25.1329, Flight Guidance System. While Part 25 contains the airworthiness standards applicable to transport category airplanes, the guidance in this AC pertains to the functions of autopilots, as well as any interactions with stability augmentation and trim functions. Date Cancelled: 07-17-2006
Cancelled By: 25.1329-1B
33-3 ANE-100 Turbine and Compressor Rotors Type Certification Substantiation Procedures (Cancelled)

Sets forth guidance and acceptable means, not the sole means, by which compliance may be shown with the turbine and compressor rotor substantiation requirements in FAR Part 33.

Date Cancelled: 06-30-2015
150/5340-19 AAS-100 Taxiway Centerline Lighting System (Cancelled) Cancelled as of 9-1-98. Date Cancelled: 09-01-1998
Cancelled By: 150/5340-28
21-8 AIR-200 Aircraft Airworthiness; Restricted Category: Certification of Aircraft with Uncertificated or Altered Engines or Propellers (Cancelled) 05-21-1969
20-64 AIR-3 [Large AC] Maintenance Inspection Notes for Lockheed L-188 Series Aircraft (Cancelled)

Describes maintenance inspection notes, which can be used for the maintenance support of certain structural parts of Lockheed L-188 series aircraft.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
20-65 AIR-200 U.S. Airworthiness Certificates and Authorizations for Operation of Domestic and Foreign Aircraft (Cancelled) Provides general information and guidance concerning issuance of airworthiness certificates for U.S. registered aircraft, and issuance of special flight authorizations for operation in the United States of foreign aircraft not having standard airworthiness certificates issued by the country of registry. Date Cancelled: 07-08-2004
Cancelled By: 20-65A
20-66 ANE-100 Vibration Evaluation of Aircraft Propellers (Cancelled) Outlines acceptable means, but not the sole means, for showing compliance with the requirements of the FARs concerning propeller vibration. Date Cancelled: 09-17-2001
Cancelled By: 20-66A
150/5220-9 AAS-300 Aircraft Arresting System for Joint Civil/Military Airports (Cancelled) Updates existing policy and describes and illustrates the various types of military aircraft emergency arresting systems that are now installed at various joint civil/military airports. It also informs users of criteria concerning installations of such systems at joint civil/military airports. Date Cancelled: 12-20-2006 04-06-1970
33-1B ANE-100 Turbine Engine Foreign Object Ingestion and Rotor Blade Containment Type Certification Procedures (Cancelled)

Provides guidance and acceptable means, not the sole means, by which compliance may be shown with the design and construction requirements of Part 33 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Date Cancelled: 06-30-2015
150/5070-5 APP-400 Planning the Metropolitan Airport (Cancelled)

Explains how to compute airport capacity and aircraft delay for airport planning and design. Reflects the increased capacity resulting from the recent change in parallel runway separation criteria, adds a procedure for calculating savings associated with a reduction in aircraft delay, and updates the capacity and delay computer program references.

Date Cancelled: 07-15-2009
150/5340-14B AAS-200 Economy Approach Lighting Aids (Consolidated reprint includes Changes 1 and 2) (Cancelled) 06-19-1970
150/5320-5B AAS-200 Airport Drainage (Cancelled) Provides guidance for engineers, airport managers, and the public in the design and maintenance of airport drainage systems. Date Cancelled: 09-29-2006 07-01-1970
120-29 AFS-400 Criteria for Approving Category I and Category II Landing Minimal for FAR 121 Operators (Cancelled) This AC provides an acceptable means, but not the only means, for obtaining and maintaining approval of CAT I & II Weather Minima including the installation and approval of associated aircraft systems. Date Cancelled: 08-12-2002
Cancelled By: 120-29A
121-16 AFS-330 Maintenance Certification Procedures (Cancelled)

Provides guidance for the preparation of an Operations Specification--Preface Page which will afford nominal and reasonable relief from approved service and overhaul time limits when a part is borrowed from another operator.

Date Cancelled: 12-04-2015
121-13 AFS-224 Self-Contained Navigation Systems (Cancelled)

States an acceptable means, not the only means, of compliance with the referenced sections of the FAR as they apply to persons operating under Parts 121 or 123 who desire approval of Doppler RADAR navigation systems or Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for use in their operations.

Date Cancelled: 03-11-2011

1 - 25 of 771 results.

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