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21-16G AIR-100 RTCA Document DO-160 versions D, E and F, “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment”

a. This advisory circular (AC) identifies RTCA Document No. (RTCA/DO)-160 versions D, E, F, and G, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, dated July 27, 1997, December 20, 2005, December 6, 2007, and December 8, 2010, respectively, as containing acceptable environmental qualifications to show compliance with certain airworthiness requirements. The FAA strongly encourages the use of RTCA/DO-160G for new articles.

b. Appendix 1 of this AC provides a summary of the changes from RTCA/DO-160C to RTCA/DO-160D, version D to E, version E to F, and F to G. The information in the table will assist you in determining if a particular version of RTCA/DO-160 is acceptable.

21-13 AIR-200 Standard Airworthiness Certification of Surplus Military Aircraft and Aircraft Built from Spare and Surplus Parts 04-05-1973
21-10A ANM-110 Flight Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder Underwater Locating Devices This AC provides an acceptable means of showing compliance with the underwater locating device (ULD) requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations for recorder ULD’s. 04-19-1983
21-4B AIR-200 Special Flight Permits for Operation of Overweight Aircraft Furnishes guidance concerning special flight permits necessary to operate an aircraft in excess of its usual maximum certificated takeoff weight. 07-30-1969
26 - 29 of 29 results.
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