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Number Office Title Date
1050.10C AEE-200 Prevention, Control and Abatement of Environmental Pollution at FAA Facilities 09-13-2004
1050.11A AEE-300 Noise Control Planning 01-13-1986
1050.12 AJW-23 Application of Nonrestricted and Restricted Use Pesticides 04-28-1978
1050.14B AEE-1 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the National Airspace System 11-06-2012
1050.15A AEE-200 Fuel Storage Tanks at FAA Facilities 04-30-1997
1050.16 AJW-23 Implementation Guidelines for Compliance With Underground Storage Tanks (UST) 03-16-1989
1050.18 AEE-200 Chlorofluorocarbons and Halon Use at FAA Facilities 04-25-1994
1050.19B AEE-200 Environmental Due Diligence Audits in the Conduct of FAA Real Property Transactions 10-03-2007
1050.20A AJW-23 Airway Facilities Asbestos Control Program
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1050.21A AEE-1 Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) 08-23-2013
AC 1050.4B AMP-100 Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Spill Prevention and Response Plan 06-24-2011
AP 1050.3B ANM-600 Regional Coordination of Far Part 150 Airport Noise Compatibility Planning Activities 08-01-1998
AT 1050.1 AWP-530 Conducting Preliminary Environmental Reviews 11-01-1992
AT 1050.2C ANM-500 Handling of Aircraft Noise Complaints 11-19-1993
CT 1050.2C ANG-E3 WJH Technical Center-Wide Recycling Program 09-09-2010
EA 1050.4A AEA-3 Regional Environmental Network 08-30-2003
JO 1050.17A AJW-23 Environmental Compliance for Air Traffic Organization 11-27-2012
JO 1050.22 AJW-23 Environmental Management System for the Air Traffic Organization 08-17-2009
JO 1050.23 AJW-23 Restriction on Peak Shaving Agreements 04-26-2012
AF 1052.6 ANM-471 Airway Facilities Division Energy Conservation Program 12-01-1984
1053.1B AEE-1 Energy and Water Management Program for FAA Buildings and Facilities 04-08-2013
JO 1053.3 AJW-23 ATO Energy Efficient and Sustainable New Construction 07-27-2012
1054.1A AEE-400 Environmental Network 08-22-2012
1070.1 AOA-20 Hotline Operations Program 04-17-2000
1100.1A ABA-20 FAA Organization - Policies and Standards
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26 - 50 of 1204 results.
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