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8620.2A AFS-300 Applicability and Enforcement of Manufacturer's Data
This order provides information and guidance to aviation safety inspectors (ASI) regarding the applicability and enforcement of Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) data listed on the FAA type certificate data sheet (TCDS).
8720.1A AFS-820 Truth in Leasing Notification (FAR Section 91.54) 09-25-1979
SO 8720.5E ASO-1 Management of FAA Activities for Sun 'n Fun Fly-In 01-06-2014
8740.4 AFS-810 Aviation Safety Counselor of the Year Award Program 12-01-1994
8800.1 AST-1 Commercial Space Transportation Safety Inspector Credential Program 01-21-2009
8900.1 AFS-900 Flight Standards Information Management System
Change: 9
8900.2 AFS-1 General Aviation Airman Designee Handbook (Consolidated with Changes 1 and 2)
Change: 2
8900.3A AFS-100 Flight Standards Service Document Control Board 03-03-2012
9000.3 AAM-700 Aviation Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Inspector and Investigator Credential 09-19-2007
AM 9000.2C AAM-700 Control and Disposition of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs 09-17-2009
9120.1B AAM-800 Drug and Alcohol Compliance and Enforcement Inspector Handbook 12-08-2010
9500.25 AAM-240 Protection of Human Research Subjects 10-16-1996
9550.5 ADS-100 Internal Aed Procedures for Request for Research, Development, and Engineering Efforts 05-13-1981
9550.6B ANG-E7 Technology Transfer Program 05-30-2014
9550.7A AAQ-600 Research Grants Program 04-19-1996
9550.8 AAR-100 Human Factors Policy 10-27-1993
9840.1 AJM-32 U.S. National Aviation Handbook for the VOR/DME/TACAN Systems 09-02-1982
AM 9950.3D AAM-500 Aerospace Medicine Research Order 09-15-2010
CT 1600.30A ANG-E3 FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center Facility Security Management Plan 06-13-2005
CT 1710.2B ANG-E Preparation & Issuance of Formal Reports, Technical Notes, & Other Documentation 02-01-1990
CT 3600.4A ANG-C Alternate Work Schedule 08-05-2004
CT 3900.23C ANG-E3 William J. Hughes Technical Center Traffic Regulations and Control 01-25-2012
CT 4665.4 ANG-E3 Administrative Office Space Management 02-02-2012
NG 1050.3B ANG-E3 Technical Center Prohibitions on the Disposal of Waste 12-01-2013
NG 1600.1 ANG-E3 William J. Hughes Technical Center’s Visitor Program Policy 12-10-2013
1176 - 1200 of 1204 results.
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