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Number Office Title Date
8260.58 AFS-400 United States Standard for Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Instrument Procedure Design 09-21-2012
8260.55 AFS-460 Special Area navigation Visual Flight Procedures This order provides guidance and standardization for the development and adminstrtion of special area navigation (RNAV) visual flight procedures (RVFP)Specifically, these criteria are designed to allow a lead operator, in cooperation with a local air traffic control (ATC) facility, to develop RVFP. 03-08-2010
8260.53 AFS-420 Standard Instrument Departures that Use Radar Vectors to Join RNAV Routes 07-25-2005
8260.49A AFS-420 Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approach (SOIA) 06-23-2006
8260.46E AFS-400 Departure Procedure (DP) Program 05-30-2014
8260.43B AFS-400 Flight Procedures Management Program 04-22-2013
8260.42B AFS-420 United States Standard for Helicopter Area Navigation (RNAV)
Change: 1
8260.32E AFS-420 U.S. Air Force Terminal Instrument Procedures Service 09-02-2011
8260.32D AFS-420 U.S. Air Force Terminal Instrument Procedures Service 09-07-2004
8260.31C AFS-400 Foreign Terminal Instrument Procedures (FTIP) 11-05-2012
8260.26F AFS-400 Establishing Submission Cutoff Dates for Civil Instrument Flight Procedures 03-31-2014
8260.23 AFS-400 Calculation of Radio Altimeter Height 07-06-1971
8260.19F AFS-400 Flight Procedures and Airspaces 01-09-2014
8260.15E AFS-400 United States Army Terminal Instrument Procedures Service 02-02-2007
8260.3B AFS-420 United States Standard for Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) with Changes 1-26
Change: 26
JW 8240.3B AJW-333 Certification of Flight Inspection Personnel 08-16-2010
8240.47C AJW-331 DETERMINATION of Instrument Landing System (ILS) Glidepath Angle, Reference Datum Heights (RDH), 03-01-2001
8240.41C AJW-335 Flight Inspection/air Traffic On-Site Coordination Requirements 10-01-2005
8240.36M AJW-331 Flight Inspection Report Processing System (with Change 1 Incorporated)
Change: 1
8240.32M AJW-39 Request for Flight Inspection Services 11-15-2013
JO 8200.3B AJW-3 Flight Inspection of Foreign-Owned Air Navigation Facilities 11-09-2012
FAA 8200.44 AJW-39 Coordination of Flight Inspection Procedure Packages 12-15-2013
FAA 8200.32B AJW-3310 Flight Inspection Criteria for Aspen, Colorado, PKN Localizer-Type Directional Aid (LDA) 07-21-2014
8200.39D AJW-331 Flight Inspection of Precision Runway Monitors/Final Monitor Aid 05-01-2009
8200.34 AFS-420 Flight Procedures Inspector's Handbook 08-11-1994
51 - 75 of 1204 results.
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