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Number Office Title Date
VS 1100.2A AQI-1 Managing AVS Delegation Programs 04-11-2011
1110.29B ATO-100 Air Traffic Control Advisory Committees 10-30-1973
1110.76U AJV-0 Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee 10-31-2012
1110.77U ANG-1 RTCA, Inc. (Utilized as an Advisory Committee) 04-01-2013
1110.89A ASD-140 Navigation Coordination and Planning 10-16-1985
1110.90I AJT-0 Air Traffic Supervisor's Committee (SUPCOM) 08-06-2012
1110.108D AIR-510 Aircraft Certification Management Team (ACMT) 12-30-2010
1110.110E ANG-E3 Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee 05-20-2010
1110.116A AEO-1 Drug Interdiction Support and Enforcement Committee 03-11-1996
1110.119N ARM-24 Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) 09-17-2012
1110.124H AST-1 Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee 11-16-2012
1110.125A AHA-1 Accountability Board 06-30-2000
1110.126 ATP-104 Air Traffic Satellite Operational Implementation Team 09-02-1998
1110.133 AIR-100 Certification Process Study (CPS) Response Aviation Rulemaking Committee 01-01-2003
1110.134 AFS-200W Aviation Safety & Health Partnership Program Aviation Rulemaking Committee 05-15-2003
1110.138A AWP-1 National Parks Overflights Advisory Group Aviation Rulemaking Committee 01-20-2006
1110.139B AFS-400 Performance Based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee 03-10-2008
1110.141 AFS-800 Vertical Flight Committee 10-15-2004
1110.145 AIR-140 Certified Design Organization (CDO) Aviation Rulemaking Committee 05-22-2006
1110.152 AVS-1 Safety Management System (SMS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee 02-17-2009
1110.153A ARM-1 Rulemaking Management Council Charter 02-12-2013
1110.154 ANG-E3 Establishment of Federal Aviation Administration Next Generation Facilities Special Program Management Office 09-01-2010
JO 1110.104E AJW-0 Technical Operations Supervisor's Committee 05-06-2011
TO 1110.1A ATO-10 Air Traffic Operations (ATO) Employee Participation Group (EPG) 05-01-1998
1200.3E API-18 Official Reception and Representation Expenses 09-11-2006
76 - 100 of 1204 results.
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