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Number Office Title Date
JO 1000.37 AJI-3100 Air Traffic Organization Safety Management System 03-19-2007
JO 1600.80 AJR-2 Air Traffic Organization Secure Communications Requirements 07-14-2011
JO 3000.57 AJA-0 Air Traffic Organization Technical Operations Training and Personnel Certification Programs 07-16-2009
JO 1000.40 AJT-2 Air Traffic Organization Terminal Services Safety Management System 03-26-2009
1110.76U AJV-0 Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee 10-31-2012
7032.13 ATR-320 Air Traffic Requirements for the Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) System 04-19-1993
1100.161 AVS-10 Air Traffic Safety Oversight
Change: 1
7100.10A ATO-400 Air Traffic Satellite Navigation Implementation Plan 04-07-1999
1110.126 ATP-104 Air Traffic Satellite Operational Implementation Team 09-02-1998
AT 1910.12A ATO-130 Air Traffic Service Command Post 03-31-1981
7032.6 ATR-310 Air Traffic Service Operational Requirements for Automated En Route ATC Version I (aera 1) 07-26-1984
7032.4 ATR-320 Air Traffic Service Operational Requirements for Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS) 01-16-1984
7032.3 ATR-200 Air Traffic Service Operational Requirements for the Weather Message Switching Center Replacement 11-09-1993
3000.22 AJI-213 Air Traffic Service Training 05-01-1998
1510.2 AAT-20 Air Traffic Services Official Foreign Travel Procedures
Change: 2
3120.21A ASW-540 Air Traffic Staff, Administrative, and Clerical Training Plans 11-09-2000
1380.55 ATX-330 Air Traffic Staffing Standards Program 12-20-1998
AT 3410.1A AWP-500 Air Traffic Succession Planning Program 01-10-1999
1110.90I AJT-0 Air Traffic Supervisor's Committee (SUPCOM) 08-06-2012
JO 3120.4N AJI-0 Air Traffic Technical Training 09-30-2013
7032.15 ATR-230 Air Traffic Weather Needs and Requirements 10-05-1994
8020.11C AVP-100 Aircraft Accident and Incident Notification, Investigation, and Reporting 02-02-2010
8000.51B AIR-100 Aircraft Certification Directorates' Delegation of Authority 06-11-2010
IR 1370.76B AIR-500 Aircraft Certification Information Resource Management (IRM) Governance Program 09-28-2009
1110.108D AIR-510 Aircraft Certification Management Team (ACMT) 12-30-2010
76 - 100 of 1249 results.
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