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Number Office Title Date
1110.152 AVS-1 Safety Management System (SMS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee 02-17-2009
1110.153A ARM-1 Rulemaking Management Council Charter 02-12-2013
1110.154 ANG-E3 Establishment of Federal Aviation Administration Next Generation Facilities Special Program Management Office 09-01-2010
JO 1110.104E AJW-0 Technical Operations Supervisor's Committee 05-06-2011
TO 1110.1A ATO-10 Air Traffic Operations (ATO) Employee Participation Group (EPG) 05-01-1998
1200.3E API-18 Official Reception and Representation Expenses 09-11-2006
1200.8C APA-10 Public Information Activities and Programs
  • Supplements: 2
1200.14C AGI-5 Visits to Field Offices and Facilities by Elected Officials 02-06-2012
1200.21B APO-120 Intergovernmental Review of FAA Programs and Activities 04-26-1985
1200.22E AJR-1 External Requests for National Airspace System (NAS) Data 01-20-2012
AC 1200.2D AMQ-110 Visits and Demonstrations by Commercial Representatives 03-02-2004
EA 1200.3C AEA-60 Contacts With Congressional and Other Elected Officials 12-05-2005
SO 1200.5C ASO-31 Southern Region Local Coordinator Program 09-11-2008
1210.8A APA-320 Speeches and Public Visits by the Administrator and Deputy Administrator 06-19-1975
1210.20 AEE-200 American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Consultation Policy and Procedures. 01-28-2004
1220.1 AGI-7 Responsibility for Reports to Congress 05-30-1980
1220.2G AVP-1 FAA Procedures for Handling National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Recommendations 05-13-2011
NM 1220.1E ANM-30 Northwest Mountain Congressional Contacts 05-01-2007
1230.8A APO-120 FAA/DoD Coordination 01-26-1973
1240.1 AAL-7 Request for Asylum 01-01-1991
1240.9 API-1 International Aviation Programs
Change: 1
1240.10 AIA-10 Special Interest Flights 07-21-1988
1240.11 API-1 Assessing Compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Implementing their Provisions 11-06-2007
1240.12 AJG-0 ATO's Process for Selecting U.S. Members to Serve on ICAO Panels, Study Groups and Task Forces 07-25-2011
1240.13 API-1 FAA Export Control Compliance 09-17-2013
101 - 125 of 1255 results.
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