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Number Office Title Date
9550.5 ADS-100 Internal Aed Procedures for Request for Research, Development, and Engineering Efforts 05-13-1981
6740.6 ADS-110 U.S. National Aviation Standard for the NDB/ADF System 12-30-1987
3800.5A AEA-10 Post-1956 Military Service Credit Deposits 07-18-2011
EA 3450.6C AEA-10 Regional Administrator's Honorary Awards Program 12-17-2009
EA 1100.165 AEA-10 FAA Eastern Region Office of Regions and Center Operations (ARC) Organization 05-08-2009
EA 3410.25 AEA-1A Eastern Region FEDMentor Pilot Program 10-25-2010
FS 1100.34H AEA-200 Flight Standards Designation and Geographic Area Assignments
Change: 1
EA 1100.60A AEA-3 Eastern Region Local Coordinator Program 02-03-2009
EA 1050.4A AEA-3 Regional Environmental Network 08-30-2003
EA 1910.2C AEA-30 Eastern Region Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) 10-01-2012
EA 3590.1A AEA-30 Eastern Region Mass Transit Benefit Program 06-29-2009
EA 1900.1G AEA-30 FAA Eastern Region Emergency Operations Plan 08-16-2007
EA 1200.3C AEA-30 Contacts With Congressional and Other Elected Officials 12-05-2005
EA 3900.15D AEA-300 Emergency Medical Assistance 08-30-2007
EA 1760.7 AEA-50 Policy on Smoking at Eastern Regional Office 10-01-2010
1900.6A AEA-50 Eastern Regional Office Evacuation Plan 05-17-2010
EA 4670.6B AEA-50 Vehicle Trip Record Requirements for Agency-Owned and Leased Government Vehicles 05-07-2002
1360.7K AEA-60 Congressional Correspondence 12-05-2005
1050.21A AEE-1 Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) 08-23-2013
1053.1B AEE-1 Energy and Water Management Program for FAA Buildings and Facilities 04-08-2013
1050.14B AEE-1 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the National Airspace System 11-06-2012
8110.35B AEE-110 Aircraft Noise Certification Historical Database (ris 8110) 05-01-1990
1050.19B AEE-200 Environmental Due Diligence Audits in the Conduct of FAA Real Property Transactions 10-03-2007
1050.10C AEE-200 Prevention, Control and Abatement of Environmental Pollution at FAA Facilities 09-13-2004
1050.1E AEE-200 Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures
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101 - 125 of 1205 results.
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