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Number Office Title Date
JO 7610.99 AJR-2 Altitude Reservation (ALTRV) Application 08-15-2012
8900.195 AFS-200 Requirements for Written Notification During Investigations of Airman Certificate Holders or Applicants 08-08-2012
JO 6330.85 AJW-148 Safety Notice Interim Procedures for Checking ASDE-X SMR Antenna Ice Buildup Hazard 07-20-2012
JO 6330.84 AJW-148 Interim Maintenance Procedures for IF Detector.with Remote Interface (ASDE-X with SMR3) 07-18-2012
JO 6330.83 AJW-148 Interim Maintenance Procedures for IF Detector with Remote Interface (ASDE-3) 07-18-2012
8900.194 AFS-600 Reexamination of Airmen Tested by Designated Pilot Examiner Edward Lane 07-13-2012
JO 3900.74 AJW-23 Lockout/Tagout Procedures - New Equipment Installation and Major Modifications 07-10-2012
1100.339 AGC-1 Office of the Chief Counsel Realignment 07-10-2012
8900.192 AFS-140 Swapping Compatible Component Positions to Apply Minimum Equipment List Relief 07-09-2012
8900.193 AFS-50 OpSpecs A036 and A040 for Part 129 07-09-2012
JO 6315.59 AJW-144 Interim Change to Order JO 6315.2C, Maintenance of Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) Equipment for Output Power 07-05-2012
JO 6000.229 AJW-178 Guidance for Release of JO 6000.204, Maintenance of NAS Telecommunications and References to Canceled Handbooks (JO 6000.22B, 6000.47A, 6000.200) 06-29-2012
JO 6520.1 AJW-173 Interim Maintenance of Self Sustaining Outlets (SSO) Facilities, Services, and Equipment 06-29-2012
8900.191 AFS-300 Clarification of Terminology for Aircraft Maintenance Log 06-14-2012
N JO 6110.41 AJE-221 Order JO 6110.13, Remove Battery Replacement Checks 06-13-2012
8900.190 AFS-400 TCAS II Information and Training for 14 CFR Parts 91, 91 Subpart K, 125 and 135 06-11-2012
JO 6480.77 AJW-223 Interim Guidelines for Standards, Tolerances, Maintenance, and Certification of the Anchorage ARTCC Temporary Critical Power System << WEB RELEASE ONLY >> 06-06-2012
JO 7210.815 AJE-3 Classification of En Route Facilities Equipped with ERAM 06-05-2012
8900.189 AFS-300 New OpSpec D301, Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) 05-31-2012
N JO 6191.11 AJT-142 Notice for Modification of Radar Tower Display System (RTDS) Performance Check Periodicity in Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) Maintenance Handbook Revision 3A Change 03 05-29-2012
JO 6000.228 AJW-178 Transition of Bandwidth Manager to the Logistics Center 05-24-2012
N JO 6131.12 AJT-14 Electronic Flight Strip Transfer System (EFSTS) to Authorize Use and Configure the Metrologic Orbit/7120 Scanner 05-15-2012
JO 3330.70 AJO-0 Operational Assessment Program (OAP) 05-14-2012
8900.188 AFS-900 eVID Environmental Data Maintenance 05-14-2012
JO 6330.82 AJW-148 Procedure to Clean the ASDE-3 EDL Monitor Filter Screen and Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Screen Face 05-02-2012
301 - 325 of 345 results.
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