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Number Office Title Date
8900.183 AFS-400 OpSpec/MSpec/LOA C073, Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Using Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) as a Decision Altitude DA)/Decision Height (DH) 04-16-2012
8900.182 AFS-400 OPSEC/MSPEC/LOA C060 -- Category III Instrument Approach and Landing Operations 03-21-2012
8900.256 AFS-300 Coordination with the Transportation Security Administration When Certificating Repair Stations 02-24-2014
8900.223 AFS-300 OpSpec/MSpec D076 Short Term Escalation Authorization 07-02-2013
8900.202 AFS-300 Change in Rating for Repair Stations that Maintain Night Vision Goggles 01-04-2013
8900.191 AFS-300 Clarification of Terminology for Aircraft Maintenance Log 06-14-2012
8900.189 AFS-300 New OpSpec D301, Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) 05-31-2012
8900.240 AFS-200/AFS-300 Expanded Use of Passenger Portable Electonic Devices (PED) 10-31-2013
8900.260 AFS-200 Surveillance of Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses (PTRS 1667) 03-27-2014
8900.259 AFS-200 Updating Web-Based Operations Safety System Air Ambulance Aircraft Table Data 03-04-2014
8900.253 AFS-200 Updating Web-Based Operations Safety Systems Air Ambulance Aircraft Table Data 02-10-2014
8900.251 AFS-200 Maintain Operator Data-Aircraft, Type Section 119 01-30-2014
8900.245 AFS-200 Special Pilot-In-Command Qualification Airport List: Updates 12-06-2013
8900.244 AFS-200 OpSpec A030, Supplemental Operations by a Certificate Holder Authorized to Conduct Domestic or Flag Operations 12-03-2013
8900.243 AFS-200 OpSpec A012, Part 121 Domestic Operations to Certain Airports Outside the 48 Contiguous United States and Alaska 12-03-2013
8900.242 AFS-200 OpSpec/MSpec A010, Aviation Weather Information 11-22-2013
8900.241 AFS-200 Qualification, Service, and Use of Crewmembers and Aircraft Dispatchers 11-04-2013
8900.239 AFS-200 OpSpec A545, Authorized Airports for Domestic or Flag Substitute Scheduled Operations 10-17-2013
8900.238 AFS-200 Revised FAA-Approved Deicing Program Updates, Winter 2013-2014 09-30-2013
8900.230 AFS-200 Requirements for Written Notification During Investigations of Airman Certificate Holders or Applicants 08-05-2013
8900.225 AFS-200 Pilot Certification and Qualification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations 07-10-2013
8900.219 AFS-200 Changes to Master Minimum Equipment List Relief for Nose Gear Steering Systems and Aircraft Accessible Lavatories 05-30-2013
8900.215 AFS-200 Initial Training Program Records for Contract Instructors and Contract Check Airmen 05-13-2013
8900.214 AFS-200 Special Restrictions for Foreign Terminal Instrument Procedures 04-18-2013
8900.213 AFS-200 Reducing the Probability on Runway Excursions at Jackson Hole Airport and Other Challenging Airport Designated as "Special" 04-12-2013
301 - 325 of 345 results.
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