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Number Office Title Date
8900.222 AFS-800 Coordination with The Office of Security and Hazardous Materials Safety on Aviation Safety, Security, Intelligence, and Support to Law Enforcement 07-02-2013
8900.256 AFS-300 Coordination with the Transportation Security Administration When Certificating Repair Stations 02-24-2014
JO 7930.102
[ 12/30 ]
AJV-2 Correction to N JO 7930.101, Use of Work in Progress in Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) 10-15-2012
N JO 6690.15 AJW-174 Correlation of PM Numbers Between the JO 6690.3B and JO 6690.3C Releases 10-10-2012
JO 6980.141 AJW-223 Critcal Power Distribution System (CPDS) for ATL Atlanta ATCT Facility Draft Technical Instruction Manual 04-14-2014
JO 6980.137 AJW-223 Critcal Power Distribution System (CPDS) for I90 Houston TRACON Facility Draft Technical Instruction Manual 01-10-2014
JO 6980.142 AJW-223 Discontinue Use and Dispose of Essex Loadbanks 06-27-2014
8900.268 AFS-80 Education, Compliance, and Enforcement of Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operators 07-15-2014
JO 1720.90 AJV-0 Electronic Access to Operationally Significant Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Directives for FAA Regional Offices, ATO Service Areas Offices, the William J. Hughes Technical Center and the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center 11-08-2012
N JO 6131.12 AJT-14 Electronic Flight Strip Transfer System (EFSTS) to Authorize Use and Configure the Metrologic Orbit/7120 Scanner 05-15-2012
JO 1720.89 AJW-0 Elimination of Paper Printing and Distribution of Technical Operations National Policy Directives 01-16-2013
JO 7210.836 AJE-3 En Route Traffic Count Data Source and Validation Process 03-04-2013
JO 7210.844 AJE-1 En Route Traffic OPSNET Reports and Oceanic Entries 03-03-2013
JO 3120.148 AJI-0 En Route and Terminal Qualification Training; JO 3120.4N, Air Traffic Technical Training 09-23-2013
8900.204 AFS-800 English Proficiency 01-11-2013
8900.205 AFS-200 Enhanced Stall and Stick Pusher Training 01-11-2013
JO 1100.343 AJW-24 Establishment of the Mobile Asset Management Program (MAMP) Office 02-05-2013
1100.345 AFN-1 Establishment of the Office of Information and Technology 06-18-2013
1100.338 ASH-1 Establishment of the Office of Workforce Management and Administration (AWM) 03-23-2012
8900.240 AFS-200/AFS-300 Expanded Use of Passenger Portable Electonic Devices (PED) 10-31-2013
JO 7110.657
[ 14/03 ]
AJV-8 Extension to FAA NOTICE JO 7110. 620 (GENOT 13/09) for FAA Order JO 7110.65, Paragraph 4-8-1, Approcach Clearance 02-06-2014
8900.186 AFS-200 Federal Air Marshal Exemption from the Carry-On Baggage Limitations 04-30-2012
JO 7210.841 AJR-1 Field Facilities 03-29-2013
1100.344 ABA-1 Financial Services Organizational Change (ABA) 05-01-2013
1100.342 AFS-1 Flight Standards Service Organizational Change 01-15-2013
76 - 100 of 359 results.
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