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Safety Analysis & Promotion Division

System Approach for Safety Oversight Program (SASO)


Current FAA oversight processes have contributed to an outstanding safety record. As we strive to make the skies as safe as possible and anticipate future needs and challenges, the FAA must re-evaluate its approach to safety oversight. To best target oversight priorities and FAA’s oversight resources, the FAA has transitioned and evolved to a robust risk-based, data-supported oversight system.

To support Flight Standards Service (FS) through this transition, FS established the System Approach for Safety Oversight (SASO) Program Office (PO) to develop and implement a comprehensive system safety approach to the oversight of aviation entities. The goal is to improve safety beyond current levels by enhancing Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM) practices and initiatives.

A Safety Management System has four components. They are: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Promotion and Safety Assurance. FS Safety Assurance System (SAS) is the combination of people, processes, and technology that will be FS safety assurance component of Safety Management.

SAS is being developed and implemented in Phases. It is broken down as such because of the scope and size of this initiative. There are over 12,000 certificates within the United States – and no two are exactly alike – SAS will have the ability to meet the needs for most of the CFR parts.

SASO Program as a Phased Development Approach

What is SASO?

SASO is the System Approach to Safety Oversight: "a program" maintained by the SASO Program Office, sponsored by the Flight Standards Executive Director (AFX-1), and is a Capital Investment Program approved and overseen by a Congressional Joint Resource Council.

What work does the SASO PO do?

The SASO PO works in four main areas and in coordination with other Aviation Safety (AVS) Lines of Business, Flight Standard Service (FS) Program Offices, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

  • Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) – Redesign of current oversight processes using cross-functional teams who integrate system safety principles within these redesigned processes.
  • Systems Alignment – Ensure tools and technologies are designed in support of these oversight processes.
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) – Integrate the tools and processes into the AVS-wide enterprise management.
  • Change Management (CM) – Apply structured processes and tools to manage the people side of change from the current state to the future state so the desired results of the change are achieved.

What is the SASO PO doing now?

  • SAS is fully operational at all Field and Regional Offices for 14 CFR Parts 121, 135, and 145
  • Sponsoring and conducting SAS User Forums; soliciting feedback and input to assist in continual improvement
  • Coordinated the development and maintenance of six Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), multidisciplinary teams, to address seven Focus Areas for SASO Phase IIB, Segment 1a
  • Practicing and implementing Change Management activities to meet the needs of the AFS Workforce
  • Assisting SAS continual improvement with AFS-910 Continual Improvement Program Office (CIPO) through the SAS Assistance, Feedback, and Enhancement (SAFE) process

Mohammad Wasique
Manager, SASO Program Office
13873 Park Center Road, Suite 160
Herndon, VA 20171

Phone: (703) 487-3927

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