Compliance Program

Our objective is to identify safety issues that underlie deviations from standards and correct them as effectively, quickly, and efficiently as possible. Our approach to compliance stresses a collaborative problem-solving approach (i.e., engagement, root-cause analysis, transparency, and information exchange) where the goal is to enhance the safety performance of individuals and organizations. An open and transparent exchange of information requires mutual cooperation and trust that can be challenging to achieve in a traditional, enforcement-focused regulatory model.

The FAA's approach to compliance furthers the evolution toward a "just culture." The concept of a "just culture" is one that has both an expectation of, and an appreciation for, self-disclosure of errors. A "just culture" allows for due consideration of honest mistakes, especially in a complex environment like the National Airspace System (NAS). But even unintentional errors can have a serious adverse impact on safety, so we must ensure that the underlying safety concern is fixed every time.

In October of 2018, the FAA renamed the Compliance Philosophy to the Compliance Program to reflect the advanced integration of these concepts into the fabric of the Agency's mission. The underlying principals and oversight processes that form the foundation of FAA's approach to compliance have not changed under this new title. The FAA's updated approach to compliance has been in effect since 2015 and has become a stable and integral part of our risk management strategy.

Last updated: Wednesday, July 5, 2023