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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

International Law, Legislation, & Regulations Division

Recent Interpretation Postings
Interpretation Date Posted
Fields-AFX-1d - 2023 Legal Interpretation 09/19/2023
Fields-AFX-1c - 2023 Legal Interpretation 09/14/2023
Fields(Duncan)-AFX-1 - 2023 Legal Interpretation 07/18/2023
Fields-AFX-1b - 2023 Legal Interpretation 05/03/2023
Fields-AFX-1 - 2023 Legal Interpretation 04/20/2023
Last Year Interpretation Postings
Interpretation Date Posted
Pratt - 2022 Legal Interpretation 09/27/2022
Whalen - 2022 Legal Interpretation 08/24/2022
Carty-AFX-1 - 2022 Legal Interpretation 03/08/2022
Dombroff - 2022 Legal Interpretation 03/07/2022

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