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New England Region Aircraft Noise and Community Involvement Information

For the areas served by the New England Region Administration, we provide information on community involvement and aircraft noise issues, including how to submit a noise complaint or inquiry.

Noise Complaints & Inquiries

Noise from Aircraft Operations at Your Community Airport

The FAA's continuing mission is to ensure the safe and efficient use of our nation's navigable airspace. We also participate in an array of research and community engagement activities focused on addressing aircraft noise. However, airport sponsors (i.e., owners/operators) also share the responsibility for reducing incompatible land uses and noise impacts on residents of the surrounding area.

Partnering Airports for Noise Complaints & Inquiries

To serve the public and avoid duplication of efforts between the FAA and airports, Partnering Airports respond to aircraft noise complaints or inquiries within a predefined area from their airport. The FAA and Partnering Airports coordinate responses and share noise-related information.

To send a noise complaint or inquiry about a noise concern:

Regional Ombudsman

The FAA Regional Administrator designates a Regional Ombudsman.

  • Each Regional Ombudsman will work with the Regional Administrator to ensure public inquires related to aviation noise, pollution, and safety are properly addressed.
  • Contact the Regional Ombudsman with other aviation noise-related questions and concerns.

Aviation Noise General Information

Learn about aviation noise and FAA's ongoing work to improve our understanding of the ways aviation noise may affect communities.

Community Involvement

The FAA is committed to inform and involve the public, engage with communities and give meaningful consideration to community concerns and views as we make aviation decisions that affect them.

Other Complaint or Inquiry Types

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