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New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Airspace Redesign

The purpose of the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Airspace Project is to increase the efficiency and reliability of the airspace structure and Air Traffic Control system and reduce delays while maintaining or increasing the safety of the National Airspace System. The Selected Project, Integrated Airspace Alternative with Integrated Control Complex with Mitigation, does this by combining high and low altitude airspace to create more efficient arrival and departure routes.

The FAA has completed the first two stages of a New York-New-Jersey-Philadelphia Airspace Redesign which have brought tangible benefits to airlines operating in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. The FAA will begin an effort to further reduce delays in the airspace over New York through a collaborative initiative, based on the successful Metroplex approach that we are using in other major markets across the country. A Metroplex is a metropolitan area where multiple commercial and general aviation airports operate within the same airspace. The FAA is collaborating with industry to ease the bottlenecks by using Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures to deliver more efficient operations and benefits to these areas.

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