Obstruction Evaluation

Obstruction evaluation refers to aeronautical studies conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for any object that may affect the national airspace, air navigation facilities, or airport capacity. Aeronautical studies are coordinated by FAA's Obstruction Evaluation Group (OEG).

Our primary mission in the Obstruction Evaluation Group (OEG), is to conduct formal aeronautical studies on existing or proposed construction as stated in Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 77 to ensure the safety of air navigation and the efficient utilization of navigable airspace by aircraft.

Obstruction Evaluation Program

If a sponsor is ready to file notice, they may do so electronically at FAA's OEAAA website. Sponsors may also file notice manually by filling out the OEAAA paper form. The OEAAA website includes a list of FAQs on a range of topics including; Marking/Lighting, Wind Turbines, and Discretionary Reviews.

Guidance and Policy

The following Advisory Circulars, Engineering briefs, Regulations, and Orders, are to provide guidance to both Public and Private Industry, on issues most common to obstruction findings.

Contact the OEG

Quality Assurance

OE Online Tools

To help sponsors determine if they will need to file notice, FAA has created the "Notice Criteria Tool". The Notice Criteria Tool lists the minimum conditions when a sponsor must file. The tool allows the sponsor to plug in information directly to determine if they will need to file notice.


The best and most efficient method of submitting new proposed construction or alteration notices is to electronically file (e-file).


  • Immediate notification your proposal has been received and accepted.
  • Any necessary follow up questions will be sent directly to your email.
  • Status of your proposal will be posted on your Portal Page.
  • Immediate notification when your proposal has been completed.
  • Your Determination will be posted on the website for 24/7 download.
  • No chance your proposal is 'lost in the mail' or erased in a fax transmission.
  • Website e-filing is available 24/7.
  • Instructions are posted for your immediate clarification requirements.

Instructions are at your finger tips

Off-Airport property proposals

If you must fax or mail your proposal,

Mailing address:
FAA/Obstruction Evaluation Group
10101 Hillwood Parkway,
Fort Worth, TX 76177

Fax number: (817) 222-5920

Off-Airport Forms:FAA Form 7460-1 – Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration

On-Airport property proposals

Contact the Airport District Office (ADO) for your on-airport property proposal.


Last updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2022