Section 2. Position Binders

  1. The air traffic manager may assign duties and responsibilities to positions as facility needs dictate. Those assignments may apply to one or more positions. Standards must be developed to enhance the overall operational capabilities of the facility. Local practices, procedures, equipment, communications, etc., used in this directive must be in accordance with national directives. Site specific details required for pertinent items should describe the appropriate procedure, method, strategy, system equipment, etc., necessary at the facility level to achieve the desired level of service.
  2. The air traffic managers must retain one copy of the completed facility standard operating procedures directive in each area of operation, and distribute applicable sections to the positions to which they apply.


FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 2-1-3, Position/Sector Binders.

  1. Changes must be maintained in accordance with changes to national, Service Area office, and facility orders, and documents. Changes must be timely to ensure the currency of position binders. Cross reference should be provided to related documents where applicable.
  1. Position duties and responsibilities: general description.
  2. Position information:
  1. Frequency information - primary/back-up.
  2. Position specific equipment - availability, not use.
  3. Area of jurisdiction - map, video map, diagram and/or narrative.
  4. Position procedures - may include, but not limited to:
  1. Arrival procedures.
  2. Departure procedures.
  3. Special procedures.
  4. Coordination procedures.
  5. LOA or LOA procedures applicable to that position.
  6. Normally used sector holding fixes to include published/unpublished hold, allowable altitudes, maximum speed, maximum length, direction of turn, direction from fix, and if applicable, published procedures involved. Additionally, at facilities having areas with limited or no radar coverage, include those holding patterns within these areas that contain “climb in holding” assessments as noted on FAA Form 8260-2.
  7. Local strip marking.
  8. Process flight plan information.
  9. Forward flight plan information.
  10. Process traffic management information.
  11. Process field condition reports.
  12. Process miscellaneous flight data.
  13. Process weather information.
  14. ATIS.
  15. SIA.
  16. Special flight handling.
  17. Emergencies.
  1. Potential problem areas.