Section 2. Position/Service Information Binders

  1. The air traffic manager must provide position binders, or electronic equivalent, to include, but not be limited to, procedures for accomplishing position related duties and responsibilities as outlined below. Additionally, examples and formats must be included for seldom-used procedures. Cross-references to documents and lists contained in other publications may be used where applicable. The air traffic manager may assign those functions, detailed below, to the appropriate position(s) as facility needs dictate but must provide those items appropriate for each position in the binders.
  2. The air traffic manager must retain one copy of the completed facility standard operating procedures directive in the operations area and distribute applicable sections to the positions to which they apply.

Flight Plan Area: Provide a narrative and/or graphic depiction of the flight plan area. This includes areas covered when accepting flight plan responsibility for part-time facilities.

  1. Pilot Briefing:
  1. List and/or specify preflight briefing display.
  2. Specify flight plan handling procedures.
  1. In-Flight:
  1. Document aircraft contacts.
  2. List control frequencies/dial code information.
  3. Specify local airport advisory/remote airport information service (RAIS)/remote airport advisory (RAA) procedures.
  4. Specify SVFR procedures.
  5. Specify aircraft orientation/emergency procedures.
  6. Specify PIREP handling procedures.
  7. Specify procedures for altimeter check.
  1. NOTAM Handling:
  1. List authorized sources/telephone numbers. Data may be stored and displayed electronically, where available.
  2. Specify NOTAM dissemination procedures.
  3. Specify NOTAM currency/display procedures.
  1. Flight Data:
  1. Specify military flight plan handling/coordination procedures.
  2. Specify notification procedures for military training activities, including MTRs and MOAs.
  3. Specify IFR/Defense VFR (DVFR), ADIZ, Canadian, Mexican, and ICAO procedures with examples.
  4. Specify customs notification procedures.
  5. Specify search and rescue notification procedures.
  6. List airport search/contact telephone numbers.