Section 2. Elimination of Fixed-Wing Special Visual Flight Rules Operations


This section prescribes policy and guidance for the elimination of fixed-wing special visual flight rules (SVFR) operations within Class B and Class C airspace areas.


Fixed-wing SVFR operations may interfere with the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of aircraft operating under instrument flight rules (IFR) within certain high activity airspace areas (Class B, or C airspace areas only). To preclude such adverse effect, it may be necessary to eliminate SVFR operations within those affected airspace areas.


Section 3, Appendix D to Part 91 of 14 CFR lists the locations wherein fixed-wing SVFR operations are prohibited.

  1. Each Service Area office must conduct periodic reviews of terminal areas to determine when fixed-wing SVFR operations should be eliminated or restored in the specific airspace areas.
  2. Each Service Area office must forward the names of the airspace surface areas recommended for elimination/restoration of fixed-wing SVFR operations, with detailed justification, to the System Operations Airspace and Aeronautical Information Management for review.