Section 5. Operational Documents, Directives, and Regulations


FAA documents, directives, and regulations identified in the FCT Contract and FAA directives which are applicable and incorporated in whole or relevant part will be available (print or digital) at the FCT facility.


  1. FCTs may utilize the FAA online directives library to the extent consistent with FAA directives and the facility's existing telecommunications capabilities.
  2. In addition to directives required by the FCT Contract, other FAA orders, directives or policies may contain additional pertinent information beneficial to operation of an FCT.
  3. Copies of CFRs required by the FCT Contract are not required to be on site at FCTs, but will be maintained and/or accessible at contractor corporate offices.
  4. Guidance contained in FAA Order JO 7210.78, FAA Contract Tower (FCT) New Start and Replacement Tower Process, may be used to assist the FAA, airport sponsors, and others in meeting FCT minimum equipment requirements.