Section 9. En Route Information Display System (ERIDS)


ERIDS is a real time, interactive, electronic information display system that is used as a replacement for paper sources of information. ERIDS provides controllers, supervisors, and traffic management personnel with access to aeronautical data, weather data, airspace charts, ATC procedures, NOTAMs, PIREPs, and other sources of ATC information.

  1. Where available, ERIDS must be used to provide controllers with the following information:
  1. Sector binder information.


FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 6-2-2, En Route Sector Information Binder.
FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 2-1-3, Position/Sector Binders.

  1. Notices to Air Missions (NOTAMs). Facilities using ERIDS for NOTAM distribution must develop a backup plan in the event ERIDS becomes unavailable/unusable.
  2. National directives.
  3. United States Government flight information publications/DoD flight information publications.
  4. Other air traffic information and lists determined by facility directives.
  1. ERIDS may be used to record and disseminate PIREPs.
  2. ERIDS must not be used to disseminate dynamic operational information; for example, miles-in-trail restrictions, runway in use, weather information other than PIREPS, etc.
  3. Facilities must develop local procedures to meet the following requirements:
  1. Facilities using ERIDS must ensure that the provisions of FAA Order JO 7210.3, paragraph 6-2-2, are met in the event of an ERIDS outage or degradation.
  2. Facilities using ERIDS in lieu of sector information binders must ensure that all information is available and maintained for each operational sector in accordance with the provisions of FAA Order JO 7210.3, paragraph 6-2-2.