Appendix 4. Glideslope Outage Authorization Request

Request for Authorization to Conduct Simultaneous Independent Approaches with Glideslope Out After 29 Days

Submit via Email to:

Section 1

Facility Identification: (KXYZ)

Runway (###) Glideslope OTS:

Dates of Expected Outage:
(xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx)

Reason Glideslope is OTS:

Section 2

(Simultaneous) Approaches Impacted:

Runway Usage Percentage:

IFR Limits/Weather Minimum:

RNAV Capability/Equipage:

Peak IFR Airport Arrival Rate:

Section 3

Impact if Authorization is Not Granted:

Facility Manager must include a narrative of the operational impact if continuation of this procedure is not approved.

Section 4

Attach a copy of the facility Contingency Authorization for Glideslope Out Procedures.