Section 2. Aircraft Contacted

  1. Maintain data on the following categories of aircraft operations:
  1. Air Carrier: Operations by aircraft identified in Appendix 3 which use three-letter company designators.
  2. Air Taxi: Operations by aircraft other than those identified in Appendix 3 which use three-letter company designators or the prefix “TANGO.”


Air Taxi operators who do not have a FAA issued designator have been authorized to use the prefix “TANGO.”

  1. Military: All classes of military operations.
  2. General Aviation: Civil operations which are not classified under “air carrier” or “air taxi.”
  1. One count must be taken for each flight contacted regardless of the number of contacts made with the aircraft during the same flight.


For aircraft contacted purposes, a flight is considered to be in progress from the time taxiing is begun until it has landed and parked.

  1. One aircraft contacted count must be taken when relaying IFR departure clearances or ATC instructions via telephone, “data communication circuits,” or interphone. Subsequent radio communications must not be the basis for an additional aircraft contacted count.

In addition to the aircraft contacted count, airport advisory/remote advisory/remote information activity must be determined as follows:

  1. One airport advisory/remote advisory/remote information service count must be taken for each separate inbound or outbound aircraft operation if the pilot acknowledges receiving the information.
  2. Touch-and-go operations are considered to consist of a separate inbound and outbound phase. One count must be taken during the inbound phase, and an additional count must be taken for the outbound phase if LAA/RAA/RAIS is performed during each phase.
  3. Although aircraft making practice instrument approaches do not normally land, they should be counted under the same criteria as touch-and-go operations.

Count radio contacts in addition to numbers of aircraft contacted. A radio contact includes the initial radio call-up, a complete interchange of information, and a termination of the contact. A radio contact count must not be taken for a contact which is included in the LAA/RAA/RAIS count.