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Aircraft Certification Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware

The Aircraft Certification Service is concerned with the approval of software and airborne electronic hardware for airborne systems (e.g., autopilots, flight controls, engine controls), as well as that used to produce, test, or manufacture equipment to be installed on airborne products. The FAA Aircraft Certification Service develops policy, guidance and training for software and airborne electronic hardware that has an effect on the airborne product (a "product" is an aircraft, an engine, or a propeller).

For a list of people you can contact for additional information regarding Aircraft Certification Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware activities, please visit the Contacts page.

Email List Update
We are updating the email list used for notification of activities relating to airborne digital systems developed using software and airborne electronic hardware. To be added to the list, send the following information to

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Organization
  • Country of Citizenship

Policy & Guidance


Other Resources

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