Certification of Rotorcraft

Rotorcraft Occupant Safety

Helicopters equipped with crash resistant fuel systems, crash resistant seats and structures provide the highest level of protection for pilots and passengers. Learn more about crash resistant fuel systems and crash resistant seats with our Helicopter Occupant Safety Toolkit.

Safety Promotion Concept for Design and Equipment

The Rotorcraft Safety Promotion Concept (RSPC) is intended as a resource to inform and educate stakeholders about voluntary design and equipment features that may be installed to enhance the safety of the rotorcraft. 

Special Emphasis

Rotorcraft Accident Dashboard

The FAA’s publicly accessible rotorcraft dashboard allows any stakeholder the opportunity to stay informed of the latest numbers and emerging trends in rotorcraft safety metrics. The metrics include rotorcraft rates per 100,000 flight hours, accidents by specific industry sector, and the latest fatal accident rate data from the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST). The site is regularly updated using rotorcraft accident data from the National Transportation Safety Board and the preliminary accident reports received by the FAA.

Click here to view the complete Rotorcraft Accident Dashboard


Last updated: Wednesday, April 5, 2023