Rotorcraft Safety Promotion Concept (RSPC) for Design and Equipment

The Rotorcraft Safety Promotion Concept (RSPC) is intended as a resource to inform and educate stakeholders about voluntary design and equipment features that may be installed to enhance the safety of the rotorcraft.

The RSPC consists of different categories of equipment that chosen from a review of government and industry safety recommendations to improve occupant survivability and reduce fatal accidents. 

Within each equipment category, there is a continuum of voluntary options. Each option offers a different incremental level of safety enhancement. It is up to each stakeholder to determine the equipment categories and options within each category that are appropriate for them. The RSPC offers a flexible approach, because it acknowledges that priorities are different from one stakeholder to another, and are influenced by the realities of operational needs, budget, and personal risk tolerances.

Each category of design features within the RSPC is typically introduced through issuance of a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB). These SAIBs introduce the background, safety benefits of each category and recommendations. These SAIBs also link to appropriate references as well as details on this web page. SAIBs can be found in the Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS) under the "Aircraft Safety Alerts" category.

The RSPC is intended to assist you in making an informed risk-based decision. The following categories have been introduced within the RSPC:

Bird Strike Protection and Mitigation (SAIB AIR-21-17)

This SAIB provides information to help all rotorcraft owners, operators, aircrew, and passengers understand rotorcraft bird strike safety standards.

Rotorcraft Crash Resistant Fuel Systems (SAIB 2023-03)

This SAIB provides information to help rotorcraft owners, operators, aircrew, and passengers understand the importance and safety benefits of crash resistant fuel systems (CRFS) for rotorcraft.

Last updated: Wednesday, April 5, 2023