Installation Requirements for Aircraft Engines

Once an engine model has successfully completed the type certification requirements of 14 CFR part 33, and an engine type certificate has been issued, the engine must meet the aircraft installation requirements of Subpart E of the applicable aircraft certification requirements (i.e. part 23, 25, 27, or 29). When certified, the engine type certificate will become part of the airplane type certificate data sheet (TCDS).

The FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) responsible for the specific aircraft certification program in which the engine will be installed is responsible for the engine installation approval.

Installation requirements for various design aircraft

  • Small airplanes, 14 CFR part 23, subpart E.
  • Transport category airplanes, 14 CFR part 25, subpart E.
  • Normal category rotorcraft, 14 CFR part 27, subpart E.
  • Transport category rotorcraft, 14 CFR part 29, subpart E.
  • For additional guidance on helicopter reciprocating engine installations, see page 4 of AC 33-2B, "Aircraft Engine Type Certification Handbook", (6/30/1993).
  • For additional guidance on engine installations, see Section 9, Installation Consideration of Engines (page 18) of AC 33-2B, "Aircraft Engine Type Certification Handbook", (6/30/1993).


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Last updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2022