14 CFR Parts Applicable to Engines & Propellers

Engine & Propeller Certification Regulations
Part # /
Section #
Part 21 Certification Procedures for Products and Parts
Part 23, Subpart E Installation into Small Airplanes
Part 25, Subpart E Installation into Transport Category Airplanes
Part 27, Subpart E Installation into Normal Category Rotorcraft
Part 29, Subpart E Installation into Transport Category Rotorcraft
Part 33 Airworthiness Standards: Aircraft Engines
Part 34 Fuel Venting and Exhaust Emission Requirements for Turbine Engine Powered Airplanes
Part 35 Airworthiness Standards: Propellers
Part 36 Noise Standards: Aircraft Type and Airworthiness Certification
Part 43 Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration
Part 45, Section 45.11(a),  Section 45.13 Identification and Registration Marking
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