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Supplemental Type Certificates

STC Holder Responsibilities

Advisory Circular 21-40 and FAA Order 8110.4 identifies the STC applicant’s responsibilities.  In addition, once the STC is approved, the STC holder must:

  • Report failures, malfunctions and defects (14 CFR § 21.3)
  • Make the type certificate available to FAA and National Transportation Safety Board, upon request (14 CFR § 21.49)
  • Make Instructions for Continued Airworthiness available to owner/operator (14 CFR § 21.50)
  • Make required design changes to address Airworthiness Directives and make them available (14 CFR § 21.99)
  • Make flight manuals supplements and supplemental flight manuals available with each alteration (14 CFR § 21.5 and § 23.1581)

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