Locate an Office

The FAA aircraft local field offices listed below can provide you direct personal assistance to address your particular situation in a timely manner:

  • Certification Branches (formerly Aircraft Certification Offices/ACOs) are staffed with FAA Aviation Safety Engineers (ASE) to assist with:
    • Design approvals and certificate management
    • U.S. production approvals
    • Engineering and analysis questions
    • Investigating and reporting aircraft accidents, incidents, and service difficulties
    • Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) oversight
  • Certificate Management Sections (formerly Manufacturing Inspection District Offices/MIDOs) are staffed with FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) to assist with:
    • Manufacturing and production certification
    • Airworthiness certification
    • Manufacturing facilities approval holder issues
    • Manufacturing Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR-F) oversight
  • Certificate Management Branches (formerly Manufacturing Inspection Offices/MIOs) provide:
    • Oversight of Certificate Management Sections
    • Management of geographically located production facilities and designees
  • Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) are staffed to assist with:
    • Airmen certification (licensing), to include pilots, mechanics, I.A.s, repairmen, dispatchers, and parachute riggers
    • Aircraft permits and other certification issues
    • Air carrier certification and operations
    • Accident investigations
    • Enforcement and investigation issues
  • International Field Offices (IFO):
    • Authorize operations to the United States by foreign air carriers
    • Approve maintenance programs and MELs and authorize certain other operations for U.S. registered aircraft used by foreign air carriers
    • Conduct surveillance of foreign air carriers operating into the United States
    • Conduct certification and surveillance of U.S. Foreign Repair Stations

Note: As a result of 2023 AIR Reorganization:

  • The Integrated Certificate Management Division (AIR-500) was created to address certification, delegation, system oversight and continued operational safety functions with focus on commercial airplanes and engines.
  • Aircraft Certification Offices (ACOs) are now Certification Branches
  • Manufacturing Inspection District Offices (MIDOs) are now Certificate Management Sections.
  • Manufacturing Inspection Offices (MIOs) are now Certificate Management Branches
Last updated: Thursday, August 10, 2023