Aircraft Certification Service 2023 Reorganization

Since 2017, when AIR launched its Transformation to attain a more agile, coordinated, and efficient organization, AIR divisions have been working to reorganize and fine tune AIR's structure. These efforts fully align AIR's people, work, and management chains with specific functions.


The 2023 organizational changes are consistent with those initiated in AIR’s 2017 Blueprint for AIR Transformation and advanced through the 2018 Comprehensive Strategic Plan. AIR leadership is taking these actions to standardize and strengthen AIR’s focus on functional activities for Continued Operational Safety (COS), policy development, certification, and system oversight. These actions are also designed to address the short- and long-term strategic goals of the Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act (ACSAA).

AIR is also implementing these changes to solidify a structure that provides a more intuitive divisional design and establishes a clearer line of sight across the divisions, facilitating better communication and integrated execution for both FAA employees and aviation stakeholders.

Key organizational changes include:

  • Creation of a new Integrated Certificate Management Division to focus on commercial airplanes and the engines that power them (14 CFR Part 121). 
  • Consolidation of twelve Aircraft Certification Offices into three certification branches (East, Central, West).
  • Enhancement of AIR’s focus on our international engagement efforts across divisions. 

AIR leadership understands that what the aviation industry and other stakeholders want most from the Aircraft Certification Service is predictability and a clear certification pathway to safe flight. We believe this reorganization represents a significant step toward improving our ability to deliver that predictability.

Last updated: Friday, July 21, 2023