Office of Safety Standards

Executive Leadership:

The Office of Safety Standards focuses on establishing standards within the Service’s purview for operations, repair and alteration of aircraft and operations, the use of designees or delegation, flight technologies, safety promotion, and international operations. This office represents the safety policy component and shares in the representation of the Safety Risk Management (SRM) and safety promotion components of the Service’s SMS. These responsibilities are balanced across eight divisions.

The eight divisions of the Office of Safety Standards focus on the following:

  1. Air carrier and air taxi operations, and the maintenance and alteration of aircraft
  2. International agreements and certification and oversight for foreign entities, and determining operational suitability of aircraft
  3. Operating airmen, general flight operations, UAS, and flight technologies associated with air traffic management, airspace requirements, and Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP).

The Office of Safety Standards is responsible for the following:

  1. Develops, implements, and tracks regulations, guidance, and directives
  2. Works collaboratively and interdependently with other Service offices, divisions, and internal and external stakeholders to identify and create awareness of trends impacting aviation safety.

The Office of Safety Standards comprises the following eight divisions:

Last updated: Friday, April 26, 2024