Aircraft Evaluation Division

The Aircraft Evaluation Division (AED) assists and coordinates with aircraft manufacturers, operators, Aircraft Certification Offices, and other Flight Standards Offices with product-specific Continued Operational Safety (COS) issues. We are available 24/7 to support COS.

Our goal is to ensure Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) and Flight Standards Service (AFX) are mutually-informed of product-specific continued operational safety issues and information.

For an Emergency Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) current detailed AMOC guidance can be found in:

  • Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 59, Section 3
  • Order 8110.103, Appendix E
  • AC 39-10

If consultation is required with the Aircraft Evaluation Division (AED) and Aircraft Certification Services offices for further technical clarification regarding the content of an Airworthiness Directive and its Service Bulletins, the AED will act as liaison with the responsible Aircraft Certification Service office. The AED will be the first organization contacted to liaise with the responsible Aircraft Certification Service office. The AED will work and act with the applicable Aircraft Certification Service office to resolve complex compliance issues. If information or data is needed from the manufacturer, the AED/Aircraft Certification Service office will obtain the needed information or data. Contact the AED by sending an email to, which will engage the appropriate personnel below. Current detailed Decision Making guidance can be found in:

  • Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 60, Section 1
  • Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 60, Section 2

It is preferred you work through your CMO/FSDO first. Regardless, the AED stands ready and available 24/7 to facilitate your emergency needs. 

The following personnel will take your call:

Air Carrier Branch - Transport Category Aircraft, Part 25:

  • Bob Nantz, (253) 683-0620
  • Dan Skoglund, (253) 225-4042
  • Tom Matzen, (312) 972-7614

Corporate Aviation Branch - Transport Category Aircraft/Corporate, Part 25:

  • Jonathan Turner: 941-412-5238
  • John Pinnow: 253-263-3426
  • Bob Barnes: 562-476-0088

General Aviation Branch - Normal Category Aircraft, Part 23:

  • Lloyd Lewis: 469-216-5625
  • Wayne Cummings: 540-383-1246

Rotorcraft Branch - Transport and Normal Category Rotorcraft Parts 29 and 27:

  • Vaughn Schmitt: 817-222-5163
  • Rey Madrid: 503-319-8167
  • James Kline: 206-304-1065

Propulsion Systems Branch - Engines, Propellers, and APUs Parts 33 and 35

  • Dave Dubuc: 603-930-3414
  • Henrique Mendes: 401-429-3105
  • Eduard Stalzer: 603-403-2469

Standards and Policy Branch – AED policy

  • Michael O’Connor: 848-207-7095
  • Travis Pritchett: 864-608-9927
  • Robert Duffer: 410-279-7553

Emerging Technologies - Emerging technologies

  • Thomas L Buffington: 603-714-0757
  • Marc Mayfield: 817-879-3485
  • John Posey: 336-509-5878

For all other contact information refer to the Fleet Contact List and Employee Directory within the Resources Section below.


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