International Program Division

International Program Division (AFS-50) is responsible for the management of Flight Standards international activities related to the oversight of foreign air carriers, oversight of U.S. repair stations abroad, providing technical assistance and training, and conduct assessments of the safety oversight systems of foreign civil aviation authorities (CAAs) through the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program. The International Program Division is also the lead for maintaining Model Civil Aviation Regulations (MCARs)

Four branches carry out the work of the International Program Division as follows:

  • International Affairs (AFS-51): Serves as the primary point of contact with foreign CAAs, coordinates Flight Standards engagement with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and develops policy for Flight Standards international engagement and technical agreements.
  • International Operations (AFS-52): Is responsible for managing, developing, implementing, and evaluating operational policies and guidance for foreign air carrier operations for 14 CFR part 129 and 375, including operations specifications (OpSpecs), rulemaking related to part 129, and part 91 Letters of Authorization for US-registered aircraft outside of the United States. Provides policy support and expertise for the International Field Offices.
  • International Technical Support (AFS-53): Is responsible for the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Program, providing aviation safety technical expertise to foreign Civil Aviation Authorities, and managing international training.
  • International Field Management (AFS-54): Provides leadership and oversight of International Field Office (IFO) activities and technical programs for investigation, inspection, surveillance, regulatory compliance and enforcement, certification and certificate management of foreign airmen, air carriers, repair stations, and other entities holding US certificates.
  • International Field Offices (IFOs): The four IFOs ensure the implementation of International Policies and Procedures developed by International Program Division within their assigned geographic areas. 
    • Dallas/Ft. Worth International Field Office
    • New York International Field Office
    • Miami International Field Office
    • Los Angeles International Field Office


Last updated: Monday, July 24, 2023