International Program Division

International Operations Branch

International Operations Branch is responsible for:

  • International operational policies, authorizations (i.e. operations specifications, letters of authorizations, Civil Aviation Authority oversight letters, safety evaluation in support of US Department of Transportation International economic authority) and guidance relating to:
    • Foreign operator operations under 14 CFR parts 129 and 375
    • Code share and interchange arrangements, lease and 83 bis agreements
  • Provides international technical expertise within and outside the International Programs Division
  • Interfaces with foreign authorities, foreign operators and FAA offices to ensure safety oversight in the U.S. National Airspace System


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CAA Agreement Letters for Dry-Leasing of US Registered Aircraft for Aerial Work

The International Operations Branch processes requests for letters of agreement or no-objection to foreign CAAs or operators for dry-leasing of US Registered aircraft for firefighting and other aerial work. Please contact the International Operations Branch for more information.

Foreign CAA Coordination

The International Operations Branch is responsible for coordinating with foreign CAAs regarding US certificate holders operating within, into, or out of foreign States for the purpose of commercial air transportation. Please contact the International Operations Branch for more information.

Note: The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and United Kingdom (UK) refer to non-European, non-UK aircraft operators conducting commercial air transport flights into the European Union or UK as Third Country Operators (TCOs). 

Foreign State, Diplomatic, Emergency Charters, or Repatriation Flights

The International Operations Branch provides coordination with other US Government agencies for foreign state or diplomatic flights, emergency charters, and repatriation flights requesting to transit or land in US territorial airspace. Please contact the International Operations Branch for more information.

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Pilot Deviations (PDs)

The Federal Aviation Administration's Portal for International Pilot Deviations (PIPD) is a partnership between the FAA Offices of Flight Standards Service (AFS) and Chief Counsel and International Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs). This portal is for the electronic transfer of all electronic Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORs) and Enforcement Investigative Reports (eEIRs) between the FAA and appropriate CAAs. The FAA is engaged in this two-way data exchange via PIPD with the following foreign CAAs: Brazil, Canada, France, Panama, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, and Others via Department of State (DOS). Other foreign air navigation service providers and/or CAAs may report or follow up on alleged PDs involving US operators or US registered aircraft either via PIPD or via the email contact below.

Please contact the FAA's International Program Division for questions on the Portal for International Pilot Deviations.

Last updated: Monday, June 12, 2023