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Order 8260.32G, United States Air Force Terminal Instrument Procedures

Summary: The revision establishes the Air Force Flight Standards Agency TERPS Division (AFFSA TERPS) as the point of contact for all instrument flight procedure (IFP) requests from the United States Air Force or Air National Guard Bureau to the FAA at civil airports or joint-use airports where the FAA is responsible for IFP development. In addition, the document clarifies that requests for a High Altitude Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) must conform to criteria in FAA Order 8260.3 (current edition) and must not be requested when it can be promulgated as a 14 CFR Part 97 IAP. It introduces the “IFP Information Gateway” as the primary means for AFFSA TERPS to request the development, amendment, or cancellation of an IFP and to track the FAA’s progress during the development process. Furthermore, the document introduces required IFP Request Form supplemental information from AFFSA TERPS to the FAA for expeditious processing and tracking of USAF requested IFPs. Other minor changes have been made to the order.
Reference: Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR)
  • Part 97, Standard Instrument Procedures
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