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Previous Versions of Airport Design Software


Airport design software supports pavement design and pay reductions for airport pavement projects. The following versions are superseded.

Airport Pavement Design
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Description/Instructions Date
Flexible Pavement Design (MS Excel) Flexible Pavement Design Manual (PDF) (Updated 7/16/2002) Updated 10/31/2005
Rigid Pavement Design (MS Excel) Rigid Pavement Design Manual (PDF) (Updated 7/16/2002) Updated 4/30/2004
Layered Elastic Pavement Design Version 1.3 (Zip) Layered elastic design software discussed in Chapter 7 of AC 150/5320-6, Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation. Software updated in June 2004 to include new commercial aircraft models and many general aviation aircraft. Updated 7/26/2004
Current versions of airport pavement design software

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