Best Practices for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Management

July 2001 (Updated January 2002)


Use of Technology

A highly advantageous best practice is the effective use of state-of-the-art data bases, analytical tools, electronic communications and information storage.

  • All EIS documentation should be available in electronic format. Working documents should be in Word format so that revisions and editing can be done. Final versions of Draft and Final EISs and RODs should be in pdf format with document links that can be read by Adobe Acrobat.

  • The efficiency of environmental document preparation and FAA internal reviews can be maximized with electronic communication and review of draft materials, including the internal use of red-lined versions to highlight the changes made since the previous draft.

  • The FAA EIS project manager and EIS consultant, in consultation with an FAA environmental attorney, should agree at the beginning of the process on the way the consultant should electronically compile the administrative record.

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